Sea world is a water theme park. This theme park is not like the usual ones, but it has a difference. This is what has made it very popular and has also made many people to rush to the place. The Sea World was started a few decades back. There have been many people who have been involved in the process of creating this unique theme park. These people actually started out to make an underwater restaurant, but they realized that it will not materialize and so instead of the restaurant, they created a theme park that had live animals that were all aquatic species. Other than the various species of the animals, they also had other attractions like those that are present in the regular theme parks.

The Sea World was an instant hit and there were many people who visited the place in the first year in which it was created. There are various aspects of the sea world theme park. Since it became an instant hit and many people liked the place and the theme, the same magic was created in many of the other placed too. This caused the theme park to appear in various other cities. Each of them was a success.

Advantages and need for Sea World

The need for sea world lies in the fact that many people will not be able to go to the seas to look at the animals. The sea world was able to bring the animals very close to the people so that they not only looked at the animals and their activities for the sake of fun, but they also learnt a lot about the habitat of the animals from these theme parks. The nature lovers and tourists who loved nature and the seas, but were not able to go on a cruise to have a look at the sea animals were able to look at the animals in the Sea world.

Dangers associated with the sea world

There have been occasional accidents that have occurred that has caused the loss of life too other than injuries. This is one of the major concerns of the sea world and these kinds of theme parks. The safety has to be improved.

The uniqueness of the sea world

The sea world is unique because of the fact that there are many animals that are available for the people to see. There are all kinds of sea animals that are available for display. These include seals, dolphins, many kinds of fishes and other sea animals. One of the star attractions of the place is the tunnel that is surrounded by water. People will be able to see the sharks swimming all around them. This close up view of the sharks gives a heart throbbing moment for all the people who visit sea world.

Other concerns:
There are also other concerns that are present about the Sea world. There have been reports of injuries to the animals and their subsequent deaths. Animal lovers also say that these animals that live in these aquatic pools have a longer life span in the wild. These issues have to be addressed adequately. There are also reports that say that the sea animals are captured in an inhuman way before being transported to the various sea world theme parks. This needs to be addressed if it is true.

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