Science fiction is a fantasy filled world where the impossible comes to life. Science fiction enables one to part from reality and enhances it to unimaginable levels that can be mind boggling. The mind, capable of endless imagination is the platform on which science fiction stands and it is the platform on which science fiction is elaborated on.

In a world where science fiction fans are abundant, it is hard to escape the influence of the popular genre of entertainment - be it in the form of reading material or films. This includes the exposure of children to science fiction. Hence the effect of science fiction on children is definitely worth considering.

Effects of science fiction on children

The main effect that can be noted is that it kindles the imagination of children. The young and inexperienced mind is exposed to the exciting world of seamless and countless possibilities. This allows the children to experience and comprehend the possible options of events that may occur, which are beyond the normal life they experience. The thought that travelling through a door can lead to a parallel planet allows the child to explore their imagination in ways that they may have not been able to comprehend prior to exposure to science fiction.

Besides this, the imagination of the child is elevated to understand the world around us with more interest. While astronomy may sound very uninteresting to a child, the possibilities of aliens residing outside Earth makes the topic more exciting and hence more accessible to the young thinking minds. The imagination of the child would even elevate their interest in history when it concerns science fictions related to both extinct and fantasy animals.

An enhanced imagination is vital to a sharper cognitive capability as the child is able to think out of the box and is not confined to what is normal to them in their daily lives. Their imagination would work much better as they would have curiosity cultivated by their science fiction experience. The excitement of discovery and possible answers is another step in the enhancement of the imagination of children with science fiction.

Confusion of fiction with reality

While some children may, in fact, think of science fiction and confuse it with reality, it is a relatively harmless process where the child experiments with the possibility of the surreal world being incorporated in the world we live in.

The enhancement of creativity is something that is very desirable as it not only used for abstract purposes , but also as part of the learning process where creative approaches and the use of imagination are well known factors that elevate the process of learning.

The imaginative child would have an enriched life with a mind which is vibrant and active. Aware of their surroundings, the imaginative child is able to see life in a more delightful way than a mundane realistic child who may not be able to enjoy their childhood as much.

Science fiction remains a form of entertainment enjoyable for all ages as it takes the mind to places that were ironically made in the mind of others!

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