Kerala is a destination of lifetime and is one of the most sought after holidaying destination in India. It is amazingly beautiful and takes my words it enchanting charm and natural beauty can hardly be matched by any other tourism destination in the world. Due to its enigmatic beauty, tranquility and the nature blessed destinations, Kerala is the most preferred honeymoon destination by the newly wedded couples.

No other place in the world can match the beauty of Kerala and so this destination is most preferred by the honeymoon couples for their honeymoon. Some of the romantic tips what you should do to make it an experience of lifetime.

5) Take you beloved for a nature walk in Munnar holding here hand. Here visit to the well organized tea gardens, exotic natural beauty, rich flora and fauna, lovely waterfalls and astounding attractions that give Munnar a heavenly appearance.

4) Enjoy houseboat cruise over the scenic backwater and enjoy the refreshing beauty of the nature and the surrounding areas of Kerala. More of all the serenity and the blissful room of the houseboat provide you wonderful opportunity to enjoy intimate time in solitude being together.

3) Enjoy romantic walk along the sea shore holding your beloved hand scooping the fresh coconut water. You can also enjoy fun-filled water sports and activities or simply bask in the sun sitting under the shade of the palm trees sharing romantic talks of life. Cool breeze of the sea may get jealous sitting you together and raffles your hair now and then, but more it does it seduce your mind for romance, love and pleasure.

2) Take you beloved for a wildlife safari and delight in bird watching or see varied species of wildlife animals in their natural home.

1) Enjoy delicious sea food, local delicacies and delight in the rich cultural beauty of the state on your honeymoon to kerala.

Apart from these there are many things that can be shared and enjoyed on honeymoon tours Kerala. But some things are better to keep secret as honeymoon celebration is all about privacy and needs should leave upto the couples. So if you want to enjoy your honeymoon in this nature blessed destination, avail one from the many tailor made kerala honeymoon packages. Surely you will cherish each and every moment spent here in God's Own Country for lifetime.

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