The mother plays a major role in providing good and also tasty food for the kids. The role of a mother is increasing more in the past few years because the mother not only has to provide food that is good and tasty, but the mother also has to provide food that is healthy. Healthy food is very important for the wholesome nutrition for the child. The healthy food has to also be tasty and attractive for the children to eat. This is a challenging role that mothers have to face.

Tasty food:

Usually the children consider chocolates and sweets to be tasty food. This is not good for the health o he child because of the high content of sugar and calories in these chocolates. The traditional foods like sweets have to be cut down and instead the child has to be fed alternate nutritious diet. Many mothers have turned top corn flakes and also oats that are made in different methods as they are nutritious as well as healthy for the child.

Nutritious foods:

The role of the mother is challenging as she has to study the contents of various foods that are being made and make sure that the food is nutritious. The child should have a balanced nutrition with all kinds of nutrients and vitamins being in the food. Only if the food has all these vitamins and the minerals will the food be considered as nutritious. Any decrease in some of these minerals or vitamins can cause certain deficiency diseases in the kids. This is the most important factor that has to be noted by the mothers when they prepare food at home.

Eating out:

Most of the children in almost all our families love to eat out. The fact is that the children seem to eat more when they are out in a restaurant and eating. They always seem to find the food that is bought to be tastier than the food that was made at home. This is not a healthy practice and though children can be allowed to eat out once in a along while, they should be encouraged to eat more at home as it is healthier and good for their body. There are many children who are allowed to eat out and they suffer the consequences later on when they become obese and also have various health problems because of the lack of nutrition in the food.

Health risks:

The health risks of not concentrating on the food can b very high. There are many children who are obese and god only knows what will happen to them as they grow older. This can be decreased and the child made to have a healthy life if the eating practices are modified and the mothers help the children in eating a healthy wholesome meal that has all the nutrients in it.

All these factors have to be remembered by the mothers who want their children to have a healthy life and also eat as much as they can to have good nutrition.

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