Kelvin had been very excited this morning, as he would be going on his first cruise today. We started our cruise at about ten-thirty in the morning. Thirty minutes into the cruise however, Kelvin became very quiet and complained of stomach upset and dizziness. We gave him some first-aid, but that did not work. He started vomiting. We did all we could for him but nothing seemed to work. The excitement was out of the trip.

Dizziness and vomiting sensation on a cruise (Sea Sickness) is a monster that is constantly harassing many of us. Many people fear to travel on water due to the harassment of this monster. Medical experts have come up with some tips on how to combat Sea Sickness. Unfortunately, many of these do not work.

Dizziness and vomit sensation on a cruise is caused by different information being sent to the brain by different senses of the body regarding the position of the body. For instance, your ears send a message to the body that your body is moving, while your eyes also send another message to the body that your body is stationary. The brain gets confused, not knowing which of the signals to act on. These confusing signals cause the nauseous feeling.

There are many remedies that can be tried if you are already on a cruise and find that you are affected by the nausea and also a sensation of vomiting. Here are a few tips that work for reducing dizziness and vomit sensation on a cruise:

1. Ginger:

Ginger is a root grown all over the world and is very easily available. It can be used as a medicine or spice and is known to treat nausea. Ginger can be taken with any meal. But the best way to take it in this regard is to clean it, cut it into pieces and drop it in water. Drink this water throughout the cruise. This is the best cure for motions sickness. There are many people who se this not only when they are on a cruise, but also when they are travelling by other means. In fact this method of treating motion sickness is being used by people who travel to high altitudes too!

2. Acupressure:

This is an alternative treatment technique similar to acupuncture. Acupressure works by applying physical pressure to the joints and nerve endings. It is known to treat dizziness and vomit sensation on a cruise. The pressure applied helps in reducing the impulses traveling between the nerves an so there is a decreased stimulation of the nerves leading the person to calm down and also to have a very less chance of vomiting.

3. Eating habits:

Avoid eating foods rich in proteins such as dairy products and fatty foods prior to the cruise. Also, take a light meal at least three hours before the cruise. Do not eat anything heavy during the cruise.

These three methods that have been described are the best methods of making sure that you do not suffer from nausea and vomiting.

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