Roberto Carlos da Silva was born in 1973. We can figure out his age, 37. To a soccer player, that means he or she should retire from the arena. But Roberto did not. Roberto had served many club for years. Palmeiras was the springboard for him to jump to AC Milan. But he did not satisfied with the training program. Then he transferred to Real Madrid by 400 million dollars. No one thought that Roberto would be a best left back and the chairman did not even know what Roberto could do in the field.

In 1996, he represented Real Madrid and put on the No.3 soccer jerseys. After the sport competition season, he was thought as a hero. He performed really great that he worked for Real Madrid for 11 years because he found out his own value there. Finally, he switched to Fenerbahce, then he jumped to Corinthians. Now Roberto still strong enough to compete with the young soccer players in the field. And he met his old partner, Ronaldo, this group may shine in the soccer field again. His number changed into 6 with that he put on the new soccer jerseys.Browse for get soccer uniforms with wholesale prices.

Roberto shocked the doctor when he was having a physical examination. His stocky legs made lots of fans in shame for their own slim legs. Actually, he is just in a hight of 1.68 meters. But Roberto could even shot in a super speed of 150 kilometers per hour. His excellent skill and great constitution help him possess his own position in soccer. 37 years old, absolutely, is not old for Roberto.

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