Broken pieces of items such as glasses and plates can be turned into beautiful art work. Breaking the beautiful and expensive chinaware can be very unpleasant, but the good news is that the broken pieces can be turned into something more beautiful and expensive than the original piece.

Broken tiles

Floors and wall tiles can get broken in the course of transport or when being used. Broken pieces of floor tiles can be re-shaped and used to tile floors and tiles. Broken tiles could be arranged nicely to form decorative patterns on floors and walls. Tile pieces of several colors can be used to achieve nicer designs. Broken tile pieces can also be used to make beads and earrings.


Broken glasses and bottles can be used for paintings and other artwork. To produce a painting out of broken bottles, grind the bottles into the desired texture. Draw the outline of the object you wish to create and paint it with glue. Sprinkle the ground bottle on the glued surface, and press with a piece of cloth to get the bottles deep into the glue. Broken glass may also be used for jewelry like necklaces and bracelets by shaping the pieces and passing a piece of string through them. Earrings can also be made fro broken glass by sticking a piece of metal through it.


Stone articles in at home could get broken when they fall. Art articles make with stone may loose their shape when broken. With stone, you may reshape it into a different shape altogether. If the stone breaks into smaller pieces, the pieces, the pieces could be further broken to use it for a mosaic, or cut into different other shapes.


Broken wooden items at home may be very resourceful in creating new art work at home. Wood could be carved into artistic pieces. Chop the wood into smaller pieces with a chisel. These pieces could be used for a mosaic. You can also carve your wood into small wood animals or other shapes for decorating your living room.


Plastic waste is said to form the majority of all solid waste in the world. Plastic bags can be used to make beautiful artistic handbags and shopping bags. Sow the pieces together or seal them with a heat sealer to make your bag. Waste plastic bags could also be used for mosaics. It could also be melted and molded into an artistic shape. Broken plastic cups, plates and bowls could be broken into pieces and used as tiles for floors and walls. They could also be used to make mosaic


Torn clothing can be a great decorating item. Torn t-shirts could be used for in script ions on newer ones. Cut them into pieces of the shapes you want and sew them onto your new t-shirt. You may also cut off the torn portions of different clothes and sew them into a newer one.

Everything that is broken in your home may have a use. Just think and imagine what you can use it for.

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