The unemployment in India seems to be reaching record highs. There are many reasons for the unemployment to become so high. Some of the reasons are every similar to that which is present in several other countries, but there are also some reasons for the unemployment in the people, that is unique to the Indian scenario.

Some of the main reasons for the high unemployment are listed here.

1. Population:

The high population that is in India is one of the main reasons for the lack of employment to a majority of the population. In many countries, there is a lesser population and so there is a need for skilled workers. In India, there is a huge population that has caused a lot of people to be educated, but still have no jobs. The number of jobs when compared to the population is less.

2. Illiteracy and ignorance:

There is a huge chunk of the people in India, who live in small villages and towns in the rural parts of India. This has caused them to be illiterate as they do not have the basic needs in some areas. This has made them to feel that their basic needs are much more important than education. Lack of education and ignorance in these groups have also made them to be unemployable in even industries that require a minimum amount of education or skills to be able to work.

3. Lack of jobs:

There is also a paucity for the jobs because of the lack of development. Though India has been on a rapid economic development spree, there is still not much development in certain fields. This has caused the paucity of jobs. The infrastructure and real estate industry has been on a mild downturn from the time of the global economic meltdown. This has caused a lot of unemployment with many contract labourers losing their jobs. This is in fact the major reason for the unemployment to have increased.

Effects of unemployment

There are also various effects on the unemployment. There are many people who have not been employed in various places because of the fact that either they are not skilled enough or because of the fact that there are not enough jobs available for every person. This has had a ripple effect and some of the effects of the high rate of unemployment are listed here.

1. Increased rich poor divide:

India is probably one of the very few countries where the rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer. This is a very sad scenario because the increasing social mismatch can cause various problems in the civil society.

2. Anti social elements:

There is a sudden increase in the number of anti social elements in the country. This is because of the fact that there are many people who do not have jobs. These people try to take matters into their hands and cause problems in the society by stealing and robbing other people.

The social divide in India has been sharp, there are also a lot of people who are very poor and since they are not able to manage their debts and other financial problems, they are killing themselves. This has caused further problems as the families of the dead are not able to sustain themselves. Unless something concrete is done, this vicious cycle will go on and on.

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