Raul Gonzalez Blanco, a brilliant soccer player, was born in 1977. He is talented but born in a wrong time.

We can say his soccer career is frustrating because he always meet difficulty. He joined in the Youth team when he was 13 years old. He made a rapid improve there. When he thought he was going to be a regular, his dream came to nothing because the boss broke up the team for cutting a corner. Then he had to transferred to his opponent, Real Madrid, and he put on the No.7 soccer jerseys. He is the youngest player which represent his team at match in that team's history. He performed in a good way and people were paying attention on him soon after his first goal. In 1996, the Spain was fall into an awful condition for the aging of the soccer player. That was a chance for Raul to improve his strength. He became the stammspieler of Real Madrid. However, Raul lost his level at match that he lost the penalty kick as lost the chance to equalize the goal. They were lost. That confused the fans why could that happened. Raul walked his way without listen to the bad review.

Gradually, he fall into the drowsy dark and he is no more a young and promising soccer player. His legendary No.7 soccer jerseys seems far away from the soccer field. Raul's golden age had gone. But he is trying his best to be a royal servant to Real Madrid.

Though his perform is unstable, he is the prince of soccer.

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