Mother sees in all aspect when she provides food to the child. She first concentrates on the health of the child. In each dish she prepare she make sure that in contains adequate nutrition in it. She checks the content in it helps the child for its growth, energy and for its health. Each dish she makes for the child will qualify these basic needs. Next she looks in the quantity. The food she provides should fulfill the child's need. The food provided should be adequate. Next thing she looks into is its taste. She checks whether the food taste good. The mom will pass all these needs - it will be nutritious, enough quantity and will taste good. Same care is not only taken in child's food, it is considered in each and every family member's meal. Every one should have the best food which gives them enough energy for the day and should be healthy at least it should not spoil the health. When we cook for us we check all these but we miss out few important things when we go to restaurants.

When we go for a restaurant first we see taste. Next thing what we check is the quantity. Often we miss the main and first basic thing that we should check in. That is nutrition content in the food. Even most of the restaurants prepare the food in the way we check them. They provide some tastier food, with some considerable quantity, but fail to check in nutrition in it. Some check in the nutrition at last also not preference for it also given at last.

There a very few restaurants which make sure the food's quality in this order that is nutrition, quantity, taste. I believe such restaurants are true care takers of the customers. These restaurants can provide a satisfied meal for all the customers. Dosa hut is one among the satisfied meal provider for each and every customer visits there. This satisfied meal makes the customers to become regular visitors. The food provided here are highly nutritious, with good quantity and taste the best. It's really gives a home treat.

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