Food plays a vital role in our daily life.The kind of food we eat to a great extent depends on the kind of lifestyle we lead. It is very important to see to that we have a balanced diet. We have to concentrate on our eating habits and pay attention to see that we avoid junk food wherever possible and incorporate more soups and salads in our daily meal. Small changes in food habits can really work wonders for achieving a healthy living. It is better to have one or two kind of salads along with our lunch and dinner.

Salad is a dish made out of raw or cooked vegetables with salt and other ingredients. Its a good way to start a meal with soups and salads. There are different types of salads. When salad is taken in more quantities the appetite for carbohydrates automatically reduces thus keeping the body fit and healthy. There are many salads which may be filling and tastier and rich in fat when we add salad and mayonnaise etc. But a health conscious individual should always aim at salads which are protein rich and contains fibre. In short a salad should be both tastier and rich in fibre ,protien and vitamins. The salad recipe mentioned below is very good for diabetecs and for the calorie conscious. Chick Peas and soya bean are a good source protein. A healthy vegetarian salad can be prepared with a combination of vegetables along with chick peas,soya bean and groundnuts.

The ingredients that are required are:

1. Boiled Chick peas - 1 cup
2. Boiled Soya bean - 1 cup
3. Boiled Groundnuts - 1/2 cup
4. Capsicum (Bell Pepper) 1 Green, 1 Red and 1 Yellow
5. Tomato(medium)-2
6. Onion (medium)- 2
7. Cucumber -1
8. Lime juice - 2tsp
9. Italian Seasoning Powder
Salt to taste

Method of preparation:

Soak the first three ingredients in water overnight or atleast for 6 hrs.
Then boil them.
Finely chop the vegetables and add them to the boiled chick peas ,soya bean and groundnuts.
Mix well .Add lime juice and italian seasoning powder. Mix well.
Garnish with coriander leaves.
Here is a salad which is mouthwatering,protein rich and colourful.!!!!
Enjoy healthy eating!!

How to make it more attractive for kids:

To the above mentioned salad you can add chunks of cottage cheese and some fresh corn and ofcourse decorate it with a few strawberries.Kids who even run hearing the name of veggies will love to eat it!!!

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