Communication is a very important part of our life. If we are not able to communicate with each other properly, then there will be a great difficulty in each of our lives. The reason for this is that when one does not communicate, then there is very less inter personal skills that lead to poor lifestyle. In fact this is the reason for all the companies recruiting new employees emphasizing on the communication skills of the individual before being appointed.

There are certain things that you have to avoid if you want to have proper communication.

1. Not listening:

Listening is one of the most important methods of communication. If you are not able to listen to the person who is talking to you, then you will not be able to answer the person and neither will you be able to continue the conversation. This is the reason that listening is very important in communication. It forms the basic necessity of communication and its effectiveness.

2. Interrupting or dominating the conversation:

There are many people who interrupt when you talk. There may also be certain people who try to dominate the conversation that you are having with them. How do you feel in such situations? You will not like to continue your conversation with them. So these are again some of the barriers of communication that cause poor communication to occur between two people. If the communication has to be effective, then you should not interrupt or try to dominate the conversation.

3. Speaking quickly or mumbling:

There are many people who talk very fast and there are also others who speak to themselves and are inaudible. This kind of talking is ineffective. There is no point in communicating with such people because you will not be able to understand what they are saying. People who are used to speaking very fast sp that other are not able to understand what you are saying should learn to speak slower so that everyone understands what you say. Similarly, those who speak to themselves should try to speak loudly and clearly.

4. Closed body language:

Closed body language can also be a barrier in the communication. If you are such a person, then you should try to ensure that you change your posture and body language in such a way that you have an open posture that is conducive for the process of communication.

5. Arguing or criticizing the other person:

In any conversation, if it involves arguing with another person or criticizing the other person, then the process of communication will be ineffective. In this kind of situation, the other person is put in a defensive position that causes you to have a great inconvenience. This leads to poor and ineffective communication.

If you are in the process of communicating with another person, then you should remember that all these barriers should not be present for the communication to be effective. Ensuring that you have the proper ability to communicate will help you to be successful in life.

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