The Earth is becoming hotter and hotter. This is called as global warming. The reason for the earth to become hot is because of various reasons. The earth as it becomes hotter will cause the ice caps and the glaciers in the poles to melt. As the ice caps in these regions are large, the water level in the seas all over the world will rise. This rise in the water level is all set to submerge some of the islands in th world. Already, the water level in the world has risen and this has caused the flooding of several low lying areas in the world.

The plans to prevent global warming need a lot more concern from the common man and a lot more impetus from the governments of the various countries. There are many methods that can be used to make sure that the global warming is prevented. These methods should be made to become compulsory. Education should be provided to the people so that they know what it is all about. The ignorance of the people on the larger issues that are concerned with the various aspects of living is the main reason for the apathy of the people to these problems.

Some of the important methods that can be used to make sure that we prevent global warming and help to save the world are listed here.

Using lesser fossil fuels:

This is one of the most dramatic problems that has started occurring. Though the people do not know it, the use of the fossil fuels like petrol and diesel are the ones that cause a massive damage to the environment. The use of these gases in the vehicles causes a immediate emission of various gases that cause the heating of the environment. This leads to various changes that lead to the melting of the ice in the Polar Regions. Imagine the millions of vehicles that are on the roads around the world. The thinking that people have is that every one else is doing the driving and so let me also do it. This will end in the destruction of the world. Any person who means well will be the first person to take the step in the process of saving the environment.

Using electricity:

The unbridled use of electricity has also caused a lot of problems. The use of this energy has also caused the people to use various kinds of equipments that release a lot of heat tht can damage the fragile environment.

Cutting of trees:

The tree cutting has been a major problem that has been seen all over the world. Massive forests are being cleared and the massive tracts of land are being converted into farming land or housing colonies. This will cause only one end and that is the destruction of the environment. The change in the climate all over the world has caused the heating of the Earth. Climatic conditions are all changing.

Industrialization: The industries are the massive culprits. They are the ones who are using a lot more energy than they should. This has caused the environment to be damaged much more in terms of extent of damage and the time in which the damage has taken place has been short. To overcome all these problems should be the priority of the people around the world if we are to save the environment from global warming.

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