Communication is a process by which the information is passed on from one person to another person through various means. The communication process is simple and it happens all the time everywhere. The process of communication can occur by talking, sending letters or even actions. Even silence is a method of communication sometimes. In spite of the various methods used in communication, there are many times when there can be a lot of practical problems that occur in communication.

The practical problems that can occur in communication are as follows:

1. Linguistic ability of the person:

Almost all kinds of communication involves the use of language. This is also very important for increasing the effectiveness of the communication process. There are many people who do not have the best linguistic abilities and so this causes them to have a lot of problems in the way they speak and also in the way they communicate with another person. This is a major practical problem that is faced during communication.

2. The environment:

The environment in which a person communicates also has an effect on the extent of communication possible and also on the outcome. This can include factors like lighting, sound levels in the place where the communication is occurring and it can even include the temperature of the place. All these are physical factors in the environment that can lead to practical problems in the process of communication. If there is decreased lighting in a particular area or if there is increased sound level in a place where the communication is happening, then it can cause the communication process to become ineffective.

3. Poor interpretation:

Poor interpretation of the communication and parts of the communication is not only ineffective communication, but it can also lead to major problems like misunderstandings. This is one reason why the communication should be precise. If it is ambiguous in nature, it can be interpreted in more than one way, leading to poor communication.

4. Distance:

The distance or spatial distance as it is called can also play a role in poor communication and is a major factor in the practical problems of communication. In the last few decades, many communication equipment have made it possible for the communication to be less affected because of the distance between the people who are communicating. In spite of all these advances, there are certain barriers that are caused by the physical distance between the communicators.

5. Behavior:

The individual behavior can also be a practical difficulty as far as communication is concerned. There are practical problems faced many times by the people who are communicating because of the attitude and the behavior of the people who are listening to the communication. They make the communication ineffective by either disrupting the process of communication or not trying to be a part of the communication itself.
These are the various practical problems that are associated with the process of communication. These problems have to be overcome completely or at least minimized to make the communication process to be more effective.

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