Most married couples are not in the same boat when it comes to the money they have in between them. Some people do not know how much their spouses earn and many are continually having fights over the money their spouses are spending. To say that money is not an issue in marriage will be underestimating it. Love and romance alone will not build a relationship especially a marriage that has kids and financial needs. It takes a lot of planning and open communication between partners to ensure that money does not come in between them. Some of the greatest tips to handling money in marriage are below.

First before you get married, get some marriage counseling especially regarding money. For those who are already married, seek some marriage counseling on money issues. Marriage counseling will prepare you for the marriage to come. In the counseling you will be able to talk about the money issues that you may be having problems with. Thanks to the help of a professional, you will find it easier to step into marriage knowing the parameters within which you will live your marriage life financially. Depending on the statuses of both partners before they get married, it is important to draw a plan of the marriage and know what to expect with time.

Make all money decisions together especially regarding purchases. While the lack of finances may be a huge boulder to a relationship, the lack of communication about money is the killer of marital relationships. People adopt the "it's my money" attitude and this is not good. If it was your money why did you get married? One has to realize that the money they earn is the family's money and it needs to be spent according to priority. Take care of the expenses and save the other.

Another very important aspect in his regard is openness and honesty of both partners in matters regarding money. Be open and honest with each other about the spending of the family's money. Not only spending, it has been noticed that people in a relationship and even spouses try to hide how much they earn. This is really very bad because when you don't trust each other enough to share your financial matters how come you can expect this relationship to last forever. There is not point in living together or planning to live together if you can't rely on your partner for financial matters. You both are together and all the money is family's money. Remember the day 'mine' and 'yours' comes in your relationship, your relationship will end. Never let money come in between you because there is much more you both have to see together; it's a matter of spending your whole life together where all happiness and sorrows are to be shared and when you can't even handle money matters how can you expect to handle life.

You need to regulate your spending and live within your limits. This is not only applicable to marriage; it is also applicable to every living human being. When you spend more than you earn you will get into crippling debt and a life from hand to mouth. On that note, if you do not have to use a credit card, you do not need one. Live in a home that you can afford to pay for. Buy the car when you have already paid for the house. The problem with people is that they simply can't get over the need to maintain an image to other people, which does not help the marriage or the relationship. Once you have the most basic of necessities in your hands like health insurance, a roof over your head and an investment in the education of your children, you can go ahead and buy the car and other accessories. Always plan and put a reasonable timeline within which to achieve financial goals and invest the money you have saved. Be much disciplined and make money decisions wisely.

Keeping in mind all the above mentioned tips and respecting your partner whereas not holding a disgraceful attitude towards him or her when it comes to who earns more, you are sure to build a strong relationship.

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