The birthplace of folklore and fairytales, Germany, is one of the most scenic European countries and a perfect tourist destination. The urban beauty, picturesque landscape, rich heritage and so many other appealing features are available in this country. There is no shortage of tourist attractions in Germany. Whether it is your first trip or not there are always some place awaits your visit. In this article some such places will be highlighted where you can go during your Germany trip.


Berlin is the grand capital of Germany with a vibrant life. It contains numerous numbers of individual sites to visit. If you are a Prussian history lover, Berlin offers you to visit the oldest surviving Prussian palace, Charlottenburg Palace. Berlin is also the home of top sporting events along with renowned art galleries and musical and dance institutions.
The Soviet War Memorial is still standing in Berlin to give the tribute to the Russian soldiers who sacrificed their life fighting with Hitler. The capital also has a diverse zoo which has a collection of over 13,000 different species for the visitors.

The Romantic Road:

After visiting Berlin as a tourist you must visit over 220 miles of delightful landscapes, the Romantic Road. This road starts from the River Main and passes south Alps and walled towns and villages on its way. If you are an adventure lover then you will find vast forest and plenty of ancient churches and forts.

Lake Constance:

It is the largest aquatic tourist appeal in Germany. This lake is also belongs to Austria and Switzerland. For the bird lovers, it is one of the best places on the entire world to watch variety of birds. This lake is the inhabitant of over four hundred million of birds during winter.

Black Forest:

Do not get threatened by the name. The Black Forest is a wonderful place to visit in Germany, and during summer this is a quite sunny place. The whole forest is covered with dark fir and pine trees and also has widened hills and valleys. If you want to hike or ski then this would be the perfect place for you. This place also offers reasonable priced accommodation in the country inns.


This place is very famous for its annual October fest and very fine beer. In this fest Bavarian people arrange several weeks of beer drinking and celebration. The towering mountains and Bavarian Alps with perfect lakes make this polished region even more attractive. Here you will also found many outdoor recreation areas.


This place is like a living text book of history and architecture. Cologne is the fourth largest city of Germany which was founded in 38 BC by the Romans. You can visit the Ancient Roman wall, medieval churches, avant-grade museums and concert halls in Cologne. One of the most interesting places of Cologne is the chocolate museum which has a huge collection of chocolate beginning from the history of chocolate making to the current production of chocolates.

So if you are planning to visit Germany, just pack your bag and get ready to experience a wonderful vacation.

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