Doctors working for a family medicine clinic in a central state have recently revealed their discovery that good health is a marketable commodity. In the goal to eliminate habits dangerous to their patients' health, family doctors from the clinic started a wellness program that has already reached five other states and according to one of the founders, has the likelihood of reaching other destinations beyond their state.

The one in charge of marketing the program said that the idea behind it is very simple. The program is made to teach patients that exercise and good nutrition is a must in order to minimize the chances of illnesses caused by poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyle. For the physicians that are short in nutritional training and education, executing the wellness program is not as simple. One of the founding physicians stated that when it was time to tell their ward to consume medicine, he shared the frustration of colleagues. Even if he could dictate what these patients needed to do, he still lacked the expertise to ensure that they are able to apply it in their lives on a daily mode.

One doctor says that physicians are the world's worst nutritionists, but adds that this pattern is changing as physicians are waking up and finding that patients know more about nutrition than they do. He furthers that a good selling proposition of the service is that it is not something that physicians can market on their own because they simply lack the experience and especially time for it. The physicians were quick to add that a strong awareness of potentially hazardous ailments such as high cholesterol has helped in the success of selling the program.

Affiliates from hospitals or health groups can easily receive effective guides on heart health and weight loss which are the pillars of the program for a very reasonable affiliate fee. A dietician, psychologist and physiologist of exercise also facilitate sessions as part of the weight loss health plan. Students who signed up for the heart health program are taught how to reduce cholester and avoid diseases of the heart.

The fee includes all training sessions, training manuals and suggestions for marketing the program in their particular area. The board of investors are able to retrieve their investments through the fees charged to clients who avail their services. The program director and clinical psychologist state that as soon as the right manpower is sourced, the clinic programs will be functional in just a few months.

There are so many things that can be done to alter the patients' health habits but the doctors are too busy to make sure that these are strictly implemented. Aerobics is a value added service of the clinics that offer weight loss aid to patients. A way to attract more people to the program is through aerobics classes. Getting people from the local high school to join in on the aerobics sessions is one way of getting its message on the road.

As the school distinct was unable to implement a physician education program in elementary school, the clinic saw the opportunity to teach aerobics to the students as well as teach them proper nutrition and exercise techniques. Young people espouse preventive more that corrective medical efforts. Lowering the number of patients who require expensive corrective measures such as heart surgery was the goal of the physicians who started this wellness program for the community.

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