Raising Punishment up to life sentence won't work to stop rapes as it's among later solutions. A rapist doesn't think before raping a female that I will go jail for only 10 years and not going to be hanged. He have no fear about punishment and will never think about future things and consequence because a one who does it never thinks and a one who thinks will never do anything like this. It's also not about wearing short and provoking cloths as a heavy part of these crimes takes place in villages where dress code is traditional "SOCIAL" cloths which are totally non-provocative.

Police also cannot prohibit rapes but only can save and convert the number of rapes from 100 to 30-40 at it's merit but nevertheless 30 to 40 are still there cursed. Even countries with world's most furnished Administrative System, strict Law and active as well as strong Police forces suffer this crime more then us. According to a UN report USA commits almost 4 times more rapes then us whereas Australia, UK, France, Germany and Russia also have higher rates of rapes then India. I'm not in favor of a Bad system and want our Police to be more active and Law to be more strict but it is second issue for us.

Our first and primary objective should be our social responsibility about women and that is looking at them with Respect as a Mother, Sister not as an OBJECT and source of Fun. We will have to teach ourselves, our children the upcoming generation to honor women. We shouldn't forget that without Mother we wouldn't be existing and it is hard to believe the world without Mother which is a purest form of woman. Women is the most generous, graceful and mostly good hearted creed of whole humanity and we couldn't insult her in this way. A woman should be a one's Mother, Sister, Friend or Wife but not a Victim and whenever she becomes a victim it's a loss of our Moral Values, a loss of Civics, a loss of whole Humanity.

In my point of view Rape is far serious crime then Murder because a Murder makes end of story for the victim whereas a Rape makes a new beginning of a Dark story for the victim. Rape is not just a forced sexual intercourse but moreover an intellectual Murder which perish a large part of victim's life and it takes years in rehabilitation to recover and even after these black spots remain dark till lifetime. Intensions behind Rape are Sexual thirst and Male ego, these two mental states covers 90 percentage of whole matter.

Apart from social disrespect against women another prominent cause for this crime is women's physical strength which a bit weak in comparison with men and it always leads them a step backside. Lower physical strength is most common reason for all kinds of exploitation that woman conducts. Number of crimes can be reduced in a heavy Quantity by making females able to protect themselves. Woman should be taught about self defense in Schools and Colleges where they can learn fighting quests like Boxing, Taekwondo and other combating arts that can make them self sufficient for their protection. There can be workshops also which teaches a woman How to handle a serious situations and replace danger to a safe state as well as How to use general routine stuffs like Keys, Magazines or Books, Pens and many more regular things as a weapon and also let them know about Hitting sensitive points which can help them escaping from danger. They should also allowed to use Pepper Spray and be acknowledged about it's utility for protection.

In final words, it's time for renaissances of our Social values that can lead us to respect women and also requirement to change our attitude toward woman and giving them Respect and Honor. Our whole society isn't lacking wisdom about respect but a little remaining part of it spoiling the repute and till crimes like rapes and assault exists in our society I'm happy being outside of it.

We will have to be Moral, Sensitive, Respective and moreover to be HUMAN.
(it's about India's current situation but applicable everywhere)

About Author / Additional Info:
I'm a normal boy from India who have some wisdom and some sensitivity about things going on around me.