The cancer affected people need a lot of support as everyone knows already, but who will be able to provide the support is a huge question. There are various people who are willing to provide the support, but the best people who are qualified to provide support to the people who are affected by cancer are the people who have gone through the pain or those who know how to handle the people who are suffering. There will be a lot of emotional trauma and turmoil that will be going on in the minds of the people who are suffering.

The person who has been diagnosed with cancer will be thinking as to why they are suffering. Suicidal tendencies and thoughts will be running through the minds of the person who has been suffering from cancer. It is very important that the person who has been suffering is counselled adequately and promptly. This will help the person to be able to accept the disease to an extent.

The various people who will be able to help the person who is suffering from cancer are listed here.

1. Family:

The family of the affected person is the ones who are grooming the person and taking care of them. The person who is affected and suffering from cancer will be able to listen to the family members. This is because they are trusted people and mean a lot. At the same time, there are some people who feel that the only people they can vent their frustration on is their family members. So the family members of a person affected with cancer should be able to accept it.

2. Counsellors:

The counsellor will be a professional and so the patient will be able to be handled just like a professional can. So, the role of the professional counsellor in helping the cancer affected person is important. The professional counsellors will also be experienced, whereas all the other people would mostly be dealing with cancer sufferers for the first time. This makes the professional to be the best person to try and calm the affected person.

3. Other similar sufferers:

There may be some more people in the ward or in the treatment centre, who have also been undergoing the same problem. These people may be positive minded and may try to help the others. These people are the best group who will be able to motivate fellow sufferers.

4. Survivors:

The cancer survivors are another group of people who will also be able to help the person who is suffering. As these people have been in a similar situation before, the suffering person will listen to them and try to use the methods they had used to overcome certain problems and difficulties.

In spite of all the counselling and talking, it should be understood that the person who is suffering has to try to get on with things by accepting reality. The people who are able to reduce the sufferings are those who understand their plight and get on with the treatment. When the affected person has a positive mind, then that is the best method of overcoming the problem of cancer. So the self support is the best method as far as the overcoming of the problem of cancer is concerned.

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