Have you been missold a payment protection insurance plan? Your PPI Claim is made simple with GB...

Have you been told that you had to have the policy, even though you didn't want it and have never used it? Were you unaware that the payment protection insurance was even being added?

If so, you can now reclaim your missold payment protection insurance.

Claiming back payment protection insurance has never been easier! If you would like to reclaim your mis sold ppi insurance which you have paid on a loan, credit card, mortgage or car finance then please follow these easy steps!

1. Either click on the link to our website below and fill in our claim form or call us directly and speak to one of our experienced advisor who will be more than happy to help you set your case(s) up over the phone. If you fill in a form we will call you back when you specify.
2. You will then receive an information pack within 3-5 days of making the initial call. This pack will contain all the documents you will need to return to us. The pack will also detail the stages your claim will go through up until completion.
3. Once we receive fully signed paperwork, we can work on the whole case for you. You can sit back and let us do the hard work for you and the good news is the hard part for you now is over and you can sit back and let us to do the hard work.
4. We will keep you updated throughout the claim. You can contact your case handler at any time during the claim for updates/information.
5. Once the case is settled you will receive your insurance refund, less our fees. All this will be explained to you in detail on the initial call with the PPI consultant over the phone.
6. If you live nearby you can even pop into our office and set the case up face to face with one of our advisors.

We will reclaim your Payment Protection Insurance with as little fuss as possible. We operate at a 90% success rate. Your case will be dealt with professionally and efficiently. We aim to claim back you mis sold ppi within 8-16 weeks.

We deal with 1000's of PPI claims each week. It does not affect your relationship with the Banks as you're only claiming back what is rightfully yours. We will deal with the Banks on your behalf so the only people you need to speak to is us.

About Author / Additional Info:
The Banks made roughly 5.5 Billion in profit for misselling ppi, aren't they rich enough? Did you know that just 18% of people are able to reclaim on their ppi policy, the only people to benefit are the Banks themselves. Contact GB if you have a valid ppi claim http://www.gladstonebrookes.co.uk