Organic food is available in a very small amount these days when compared to the amount of foods that are laced with pesticides. There are many reasons for this. Farmers think that the growing of organic crops is much more expensive than the growth of foods that are full of pesticides. There are various benefits of growing organic foods and they are listed here.

1. Healthy:

The foods that are grown in an organic manner are very healthy when compare d to the other kinds of foods. This is because of the fact that the person is not at risk of various kinds of diseases. The most common disease that can occur in a person who regularly consumes food that is not organically made is cancer. This is because the pesticides are carcinogenic and they can cause cancer in many people. So, to maintain good health, a person has to consume organic food.

2. Less expensive:

The organic food is also cheaper when compared to the regular food that is grown. This is contrary to the popular idea. Many people think that the organic foods need a lot of cost to be put in for it to be grown. In fact the people who use pesticides for their crops will be spending a lot of money mainly because of the fact that it is the reason for the bumper crops to occur. The cost of the pesticides is very high and a person who is using a lot of these chemicals will spend a lot of money too. On the other hand, the cost of buying pesticide is not present when a person grows organic food. So this is another advantage of the organic food.

3. Less chemicals:

The organic foods do not contain chemicals that are seen in the crops that are not grown organically. This is very beneficial because chemicals that are present in the foods and are consumed can lead to various kinds of congenital deformities. This is not present in the organic foods. So, when organic foods are consumed, there is a lesser risk of congenital deformities in the child that is born.

4. Safe groundwater:

The pesticide laced foods also contaminate the water that is used for the fields and also to wash the foods. This causes the ground water also to be contaminated. This occurs on a large scale causing tremendous damage. To overcome this, the person who is cultivating ordinary foods and uses pesticide to help them grow should change over to the organic crops as they are safer for all the people in that locality.

Though many people know the benefits of the organic foods, the cultivators still do not seem to know the benefits. They need to be sensitized and the people should be given education by the government on the benefits of the organic food. Also, to encourage the growth of organic foods, the government which is giving the people subsidy in various things, can try to give some kind of subsidy or incentive for the farmers who grow their foods organically. This will drive more people to cultivate food in the organic method. This will not only be beneficial for the person who is consuming the food, but will also be beneficial for the person who is cultivating the crops and for the whole country on the long run.

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