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Today we live in exciting times half year back when I where starting work with the internet, I couldn't imaging what will be happen with this powerful tool. However, at this time nothing was working through autopilot. However, the big question is, is it possible nothing to use only the internet!

Did not will not ask people how works on the old school of network marketing - they just told what is working for them. Therefore, I have to look for a research. The market growing fast also in flexibility this make me really happy it was for me a surprise to find leaders they was pathfinders in the working only with the internet.

Why warm market was quick finish?
When I started, I had a list off nearly 500 persons and this list was nearly a few weeks over but my downline was not big enough. Therefore, I would like to start with cold callings. However, this did not work. Started visiting people and they were quite not happy with my opportunity so I struggled after 300 - 500 cold callings. I just get a few peoples into my business.

Great Ways in MLM-Business!
The internet explode YouTube was founded in 2005 today over 1,7 Billion videos where downloaded. Blogs, Internet - Teaching and so on.... Therefore, I was looking for a quite good System how will be a tool. Therefore, the MLM -Business never before had this great attraction-marketing-strategies with the internet to build relationships in the internet with peoples how want to get financial freedom. However, before it does not exists that anybody started to build a business with only the internet not in our industries.

The facts of earning money in the the MLM-industry:
In fact, most of the people I know work online who make a lot of money make massive income of cash selling affiliate products, coaching programs, websites, and systems, but their ACTUAL residual income from a primary MLM Business or Network company is less than $8,000 per month. The true is most of them have a incomes of less than $1,000 per month

So where's the disconnect ?Why is it that people like Mike Dillard are creating residual incomes of more than hundred thousand a month with attraction-marketing-strategies!

How works online based only internet business!

1. You have to set up a blog
1.a. And you have to write every single day a article or hire an ghostwriter.

2. You have to set up an auto responder.

3. You have to create capture pages.

4. Begin with one focused Strategy in a social network like Myspace.

5. Begin with affiliate marketing system!

6. Start to be a professional and expert.

The actual problem is, that item takes so long and is so complex, that MOST people will not start. Therefore, Leaders have to start and not think so long. Most of them quit before they do anything. These single steps needs time to be working regularly - maybe 6 month. To be a leader is not a copy of someone else. A point more everything should be duplicated. Nevertheless, complicated things will never duplicate.

1.) Daily Working process
Do not ignore what's working offer the last decade of time. Network marketing will have future with online and web 2.0 but start building a team and then you will become the leader. Simple Way is a small way off duplication 13 times/month 2x2x2x2x2x2x2... =8100 Peoples in your organization.
Based on every Day talking to FIVE peoples about your opportunity, no matter what it is going on. Will this happen everybody in your team will do the same.

2.) Relationship building online/offline
You could meet people through social networking in your business, on social clubs, talk with people everywhere and build relationships on FaceBook, pick up a newspaper and look for social gatherings and just get out there and network, learn how to meet people everywhere and anywhere. Be always positive. Make friends and you will sponsor a lot of peoples - this attraction-marketing

You have to talk to five people a day in social media groups but this is easy to talk to 10 -15 people every day In the internet you have the change for reach out, connect with new people, and build relationships with never before seeing people very easy.

In my last post I spoke how to get a 20, 30, 50 prospects/leads and sponsor 2, 3, 5 peoples every Day. I want to give you all the fundamentals including the items but BEFORE you get them, you have to starting with the fundamentals of attraction marketing strategies you have to build relationships- peoples are waiting for teachers - how bring them the way out to financial freedom. In addition, use the internet to go out and teach them the truth of economic freedom

I appreciate all of you, let us go out and set the world on fire - we are working in one team to a great

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