Shopping has never been so easy and simple once the opening of various auction and online stores started. All you have to do is to start your computer, hook on to the internet, and select a few shops that you need to visit, search the products, compare the prices between the various online shops and then purchase the product. All without even getting up from your chair at home. You can pay with your credit card or any other safe method that is accepted by the online store and within a few days the product that you bought could be in your house. In bigger cities, the product that you purchased could be delivered to you the same day too.

In spite of all these advantages, there are also a lot of pitfalls of online shopping that you should know. The reason for the pitfalls is that there are many people who like to cheat other people. They live by cheating all those around them and take money from other people. The various pitfalls are listed here.

1. Insecure payment method:

The most common pitfall of online shopping and the payment for the goods purchased is the payment method that is not usually secure. The insecure payment method may cause the credit card details to be seen by more than the people who need to see it. This can cause the person to be at a risk of losing more money than what had to be used.

2. Release of personal details:

The release of personal details is another risk that arises with the payment method. Phishing is the method of stealing the personal information of one person and selling it to another person or using it for their own personal gain. This is a crime, but it is very commonly done and this is a major risk in any shopping done online. In suddenly case of a phishing attack, you may find that your money from your account is stolen. You may also find that someone has been using your credit card details to buy various things online.

3. Substandard quality of products:

This is the greatest concern of online sales and buying from an online store. There are so many stores online that you do not know if the quality of the product that you are buying online is good or not. The quality may be very low and you may be cheated with digital pictures of a different product. This is one of the major risks of buying from a person without any positive feedback on the internet.

4. Takes time for the product to reach you and may be damaged in transit:

This is another major concern of the transport of the product that you have purchased online. There are very few products that are insured and it is a pain to get back the insurance if something goes wrong while the product that you got online is being brought to you. The time taken for transportation of the product is also a negative aspect of online shopping.

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