Sitting in my balcony and taking a sip of my morning tea, I was scanning the whole newspaper when my eyes caught the heading 'Women's team in world T20 semis'. Reading the heading, I didn't care to read those few praising lines written under it. Was it because the headline was not written in bold letters and was not published on the front page of the newspaper or was it because the game was not-so-popular in India. I think the answer has to be the second one.

The title 'Indian cricket team in T20' or even 'Indian cricket team out of T20' capture more eyes and attention as compared to titles like 'Women's hockey team in semi-finals' or 'Indian hockey team in finals'. The topic may seem boring or even repeated to some but it is worth an attention.

Like people follow fashion trends this 'worship cricket' trend is also followed by Indians with full zeal and enthusiasm. When one of those few 'really concerned' people share with us the details about games other then cricket, we easily shut their mouths up saying "I am not interested in this, lets talk something else". But just ask yourself one question 'Was it so easy for those players to achieve the position where they are at right now'.

There comes only one event in a whole year when 50% of our country's population keep an eye on other games as well and that is the prestigious 'Olympic'. But why do we Indians expect our countrymen to perform well there, when we just don't care to watch their games or wish them good luck. Its high time we understand that our country's fame comes not only from Indian cricket team but also from Women's Indian cricket team and other games as well, be it boxing, badminton, basketball, football, arrow-shooting or even chess. The trend 'Worship cricket' that we Indians are following right now is something that should be changed otherwise the time is not far away when our country's few left out but talented children would themselves choose to be engineers, doctors, journalists and even animators except players. And the only reason behind this would be 'us'.

This article is not for those people in-charge who do nothing for these games instead take a bag full of money each night to their houses. But for those million common people like me, who, through their presence and their clapping can not only bring a smile on faces of these talented players but can also motivate them to play well. Believe me, 'we' common people through our common acts can force these 'native-dacoits' to perform their duties well. Concluding, I must say that I may be young but my thoughts are not. When I can think this way, why not you? Remember 'We can, at any time, change any trend, the only thing that should be changed first should be our thoughts'.

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