I sit next to the window and I watch at the clouds that constantly whirls while the plane surge forward and I recline on the seat and next to me is a beautiful young girl , she is reading Alice in wonderland and I can see the smile on her face ; that kind of exhilaration that the book can endow on her young mind . she constantly wonder while reading and often look at the illustrated pages and ask her mom the meaning of 'orange marmalade' and her mother replied " orange marmalade means jam or jelly made from orange" and the baby chuckles at this . Her mother is also an enthusiastic mom , the mother wears a pink coloured kurta and white trousers and she reads a magazine and looks at the glossy pictures of recipes and records some of the recipes in her diary ; the recipes are specially Goan food and I know the mother daughter duo is very bubbly and healthy . I can feel her tactful manner and her presence of mind and she constantly ask her child " are you ok baby" , the child with a dimple on her face replied "I am ok mommy". I feel so jealous of the curly locks of hair of the small child and I want to glide my fingers on that curly locks , she wear a frock of sky blue colour; instead of concentrating on my book I try to peep at what she is reading because mine is a boring book because I have to grasp the 'purple patches' and as for the examination is concerned I am always tense whatever the reason maybe . psychoanalytic approaches to literature can be boring as well as interesting , Freud said that our unconscious desires and wants finds outlets in dreams and sometimes from the slips of the tongue we express our inner hidden knowledge and wants . This can be dangerous, as well as interesting.

I closed my book and look at the clouds and think what I will write in the ensuing exam and take a deep breath and look at my watch and it seems I am in some kind of outer space and the plane seems to be not moving at all and I don't know how to broke the tedium of the journey , I take out a word search puzzle book from inside my bag and look at the alphabets and search for the names of countries for some time and I at last feel bored and quit. The two of them is deeply engrossed in their own world and I feel so alone amidst the host of people inside the plane and nowadays people hardly talk to strangers and also I don't want to interrupt them . I want to listen to the tunes of Taylor swift but alas I couldn't because tension is brewing up in me regarding my examination.

I sometimes doze and think when will I reach Silchar because I want to prepare cautiously for my examination . I take out the magazine which they supply for the passengers inside the plane and flipped through the pages and I find one interesting article . The article is about Marilyn Monroe's popular skirt blowing scene from the movie - The seven year itch , the article said that this so called romantic scene was shot for over forty times and my eyes was fixed on the word 'forty times' and I wonder over it . It 's one of the most wonderful and sexy scenes and motion pictures have really captured a moment that became a living memory to most men afterwards and it is still fascinating mankind and even womankind . The movie is a popular one and according to the movie , men after seven years of marriage seek courtship with other women .Men - women relationship is very complicated . The sanctity of relationships have gone with time .

The plane whizzed through the cloud and the air hostess announced that we will land Silchar in five minutes and I wonder whether this five minutes will be as long half an hour and what will happen if the plane crash within seconds and life , knowledge , love ,beauty, imagination , memory, this civilisation .... etc. will come to an end all of a sudden .

O me, what is this non - sense interrupting all of a sudden like a volcano? Five minutes and I will be there in another place , another soil and another air and may be the people too and this is the politics of space ; time or whatever you conceive of. While I was thus engrossed in such thoughts , I reach Silchar or rather to say the plane reach Silchar and I saw everybody is in the queue waiting to get down the plane . Then came my turn and I get down the plane and I go by foot to the arrival lounge and wait for my bag at the counter where you can claim baggage's . Ah this journey , this is really troubling me and at last my bag came and I took my bag and come out and leave the airport for Silchar city .

Ideas may be as beautiful as creations sometimes but memories are far better than anything else in the world for some people and it is far better to remember . It seems I have become an epitome of failure and I have achieved nothing in life . Separation, pain, failure and loneliness encircles me. O , I am separated from my boyfriend and that's why I am brooding like this . O , madness strikes like a lightning and it changed the very course of my life and I was left wondering at the crossroads and I cannot take back my words nor can I change the past so it's better to forget . I am no longer a teenager , I must forget.

I hire a taxi and told him to go to Silchar and all of a sudden I remember the beautiful line - if I could just see you ... from Vanessa Carlton's A thousand miles. I feel so lost. I look at the roads and the betel trees and it was as usual . The roads are under construction and the clouds hung upon the sky and it is a romantic weather and as I was thus watching the scenery, I came across the beautiful tea gardens of Silchar . I was mesmerised by its beauty and somehow I forgot to think about my exam or about other thoughts and such is the charming effect of the tea gardens and I think how long will it keep me like this and I feel so fresh and buoyant but sweet memories will remain a history in my mind.

About Author / Additional Info:
I am uttamkumari . I am a student.