Nudity is becoming more and more rampant in movies all over the world. Other than nudity, vulgarity and also violence is increasing in the movies. There are various implications in all this. The nudity in the movies is influencing the society and causing various changes that are detrimental to the society in general. There is a bad impact on the society because of the nudity and the impact and what it can do in future are listed here.

1. Sexual promiscuity:

This is one of the major fallouts of the nudity in the movies. As young people watch this in the movies, they feel that it is the norm in the society and this increases the sexual promiscuity in the person. There are various situations where the individual who is used to watching the nudity in movies will try to emulate the characters in the movies too. As sexual promiscuity as a result of the nudity increases, there are many more affairs happening, teenage marriages can increase and families will break up because of all this.

2. Violence against women:

Sexual abuse against women is also on the rise, mainly because of the nudity that is seen on the movies. When men who are not able to control their emotions watch the movies that has got nudity in it, they go out and try to abuse women. The number of incidences in rape and other sexual abuse against women will increase as a result of the nudity in the movies. There are many research studies that have shown that there is a direct correlation between the incidences of violence against women being high through men who are involved in watching movies that has nudity.

3. Increasing affairs:

The nudity in the movies cause the people to become more sexually loose. This increases the number of affairs that occur in the society. This in turn causes many of the people who are married to become frustrated with their partners and seek new ones. This increases the number of affairs leading to a break in the family. As this increases in occurrence, there is a break in the family values too.

4. Nudity in real life:
As nudity in the reel life increases, the nudity in real life will also increase. There are many people who think that nudity is a kind of emancipation of the body. This makes them to practice nudity in many places around the world. As the nudity increases in the movies, the nudity in real life will also become popular and more people will start following it, leading to a break in the value system in the society.

5. Value system erosion:

Increased amount of nudity in the movies erodes the family values and the cultural values that has been in the society. Even now, with the number of movies that have nudity increasing in them, there is a proportional amount of various kinds of decrease in the family values that has occurred over a period of time.

Nudity in movies is curbed to a certain extent in many countries with the regulatory authorities trying to classify the movies that has nudity into adult content. This is just the first step. In fact the onus of reducing the nudity in movies lies with the people who make movies as they should understand the problems that are associated with the nudity that is shown in the movies.

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