The end of the year coming with the Christmas which always make people happier and with a higher mood. What are you expect some presents for this festival, and also what you want to send to your family, your friends? There are some products already prepared for this holiday which like you to send them out. The Christmas is a happy day, the city decorated by dazzling lights, people forget the cold weather in this winter and immerse in the forever happiness. There also are some Christmas particularly products by Nike for this season. After the new Christmas LeBron 8 V2, what's more would you like for this holiday? The shoes full filled with the festival atmosphere with its Varsity red outline for the whole upper, also the tree green shoelaces also can representative for the Christmas tree during the holiday. There are some little dots covered in the black mid sole which seems like to remind you the snowing night.
But unfortunately, this object in here will not be the LeBron 8 V2, it is the Air Force 1 Bespoke Red Metallic by Mayor which took the most classic and earliest shoes in Nike basketball shoes. The shoes first created out as a basketball shoes which you may ever found that Charles also wore them in his court. With the growing and development of the hip-hop culture, this kind of shoes then gradually became the casual shoes. Besides the Air union still in the sole, on the shoes you can not find any basketball shoes characteristic, so that Nike created the Bespoke Air Force 1 store at 2000 would be the right decision. There are many famous Bespoke Air Force 1 designer in the studio, one of them is Mayor who you may ever found several hot shoes during the past years. This shoes with the red leather accompanied with silver Nike Swoosh which would be regarded as the another edition follow with the Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke Mayor Strawberry Nesquik in this early year. The shoes released this year took the inspiration from Mayor's favorite food Strawberry Nesquik quickly became the hot sought in the past months. And this time the shoes with red outline also much fit for this holiday, it will become a new sale season once again for the shoes.

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Amy Galbraith who recently found some shoes from, the Air Force 1 Bespoke Red Metallic by Mayor from