A beautiful island country in the south-western Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is one of the most sought after tour and travel destinations located around 1,500 kilometers east of Australia across the Tasman Sea, magnets tourists from every hook and nook of the world all the year round. Due to its remoteness, it was one of the last lands to be settled by humans. Whether you are looking for high adventure, total relaxation or wish to explore the amazing sightseeing spots, there is no dearth of attractions and destinations in this country. Mother-Nature has blessed this country with such attractions which are worth to explore once in a lifetime span.

Refreshing hills stations, silver sandy beaches, exotic wildlife national parks or diverse ranges of floras and faunas makes New Zealand one of the finest place in the planet. Not only attractions but there are many other things that one can experience while on Tour to New Zealand such as its world class luxurious accommodations, excellent transportation facilities, warm people and its incredible tradition and culture. The New Zealand culture is one of the country's biggest draw cards for both tourists and immigrates to New Zealand. Maori and European traditions, customs and values have mixed together and have created the Kiwi culture we have today. The more you experience there culture the better you are going to enjoy jour time in the country. New Zealand is adorned with numerous attractions and destinations though it's not possible to explore all of them but some of the major attraction that one can explore while visiting to this country are listed below.

One of the important destinations while on New Zealand Trip Christ Church is one of the largest cities in the south-Island and country's second largest urban area too. If you don't like to start your journey from Auckland then can land here. Home to the several attractions it is a beautiful and friendly city of the country. Due to the natural attractions and photogenic beauty it is also called 'Garden City'.

Mount Cook
A most popular and most fascinating destination in New Zealand, Mount Cook is the highest mountain in the country, reaching 3754 meters famous for its breathtaking attractions and offers a wonderful opportunity for adventure-thrillers. The more adventurous can climb the mountain or go on a guided trek which would take you very close to mountain.

One of the most stunning places in the country, Queenstown is the best place for international visitors famous for its breathtaking beauty which changes with the seasons to seasons. For true adrenalin seekers it will be their ultimate destination. It is built around Lake Wakatipu, a long thin lake which is shaped like lighting bolt and connects with Shotover River.

Apart from visiting and exploring the attractions and destinations there are many other things which are very popular in this country such as its big shopping malls or exciting nightlife which is also an essential part of New Zealand tour packages. While visiting to this country you will find there variety of night clubs, cabarets, pubs, concerts and tempting live performances by artist.

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