Child's growth depends upon the food they have. so parents should concentrate on it very much.Food is medicine, when we have them with adequate nutrition provided in it. Food plays very important role to make children strong and healthier. Giving nutritious food for these play full kids and Making them to have their food is the toughest job each mother faces all the day. Not all the restaurants value these small and really important customers, who have the capacity to make the entire family to come to a spot often.

Only very few restaurants understands the value of them and provides the best place to dine for kids. The restaurant should concentrate not only on food also it should make sure that it provides good ambiance to attract them and also it should be clean. The dishes they provide should bring some interest in kids to have them and it should also make them to have a mind set to visit the place again. Some restaurants understands the importance of them and also gets a separate list of dishes for kids which are good in nutrition so that their important customers have good , interesting and healthy food. I believe one of the restaurants of this kind is Dosa Hut. First the clean atmosphere and attractive wallpapers and lights make the kid to sit in the place to have their food. The ambiance is very good and it takes us into the street of India. The dishes they provide not only bring interest in kids to eat; it also has adequate nutrition in them and this brings the interest in the parents to make this place as hot spot for their kids.

The special and exclusive menu for kids like banana dosa, cone shaped dosa, mini idli shows that they show interest on kids also the way they present them and the care taken in the nutritious content in dishes proves they are really customer friendly hotel and gets the special preference from all the customers. Sure not many hotels can earn this good name. It's one among the countable best restaurants and the best south Indian restaurant in Fremont, California.

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