Mysore is a place to be in India. It is one of the well known places, but many tourists are not seen there and so it is fresh for anyone willing to visit a place that is full of nostalgia and historic places. Mysore can be thought of to be a place with many palaces. In fact Mysore and the nearby Srirangapattinam are places where there were many well known kings ruling the area many decades back.

There are also many other places to visit in Mysore. They are:

Chamundeswari hills:

The hills are on the outskirts of Mysore and you will need to drive up a small hill. The scenic view as you drive up the mountain is breathtaking, especially if you go up in the early mornings. At the peak, you will find the temple. As you drive down, you will be able to visit the Nandi Bull statue, which is another attraction on the hill. It is in fact a very special stop for the Hindu devotees who make a prayer there.

The Zoo

Animals are always wonderful to look at in their natural surroundings. The Mysore Zoo is a place where the animals are not caged as much as some of the other Zoological parks of India. They have relative freedom to roam around. The best part about the Mysore Zoo is that it is right in the middle of the city. You can see many varieties of animals, reptiles, birds and many other creatures in the Zoo. For those who are unable to walk the distance, there is a train that takes you around the zoo with strategic stops in various parts of the zoo.

The Mysore Palace

The Mysore palace is one of the other attractions that are seen in the city. The Palace has two parts and is well maintained. The palace lawns and certain parts of it are out of bounds for the person. You are not allowed to take pictures in most parts of the palace. The palace has many pictures and exhibits of various kings of the 18th century when the Mysore Maharaja was a very important political strength of these parts of the country. A elephant ride or a camel ride is also possible on the palace grounds on payment of a small fee.

The Brindhavan Gardens

The Brindhavan Gardens has been a famous place for many newly married couples to spend their honeymoon among the lovely flowers. The garden has changed over the years and it has become better. You can have a lovely time sitting and relaxing on the lawns and then in the evening, you can have a look at the dancing fountains. This is a musical show where the various fountains are in sync with the music and for those who are looking at it for the first time, it can be very enthralling.

Getting there:

You can reach Mysore by air, rail or bus from Bangalore and other places. You will get lodging at various prices from the very economical ones to the really expensive ones.

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