Being a quintessential Hyderabadi, Hyderabad is definitely very close to my heart. So is Mumbai to Mumbaikars and Delhi to Delhites.. but what makes Hyderabad stand apart from the rest is its irresistible cuisine. I know,I am sounding a braggadaccio but I've reasons to quote.

Luckily, I have friends from all walks of life and they are placed across the globe. I have pleasant memoirs discussing about our passions and the common being food. A foodie that i am, i just needed a poke and then conversations would take its own course, a mix of thoughts with assorted ideas would dish out to a new bonding rather blending.

One of my great friendship started on a 'Biryani' note. I was on a train to bangalore and after having read the newspaper umpteen times, i was sick of boredom. I closed my eyes and had thought of lying down when a word snatched my sleep for the next ten hours until i got down at my destination. A young girl of my age in her early twenties was on the phone and was all praises about Hyderabadi food. She also mentioned if someone could share few Hyderabadi recipes with her. Now, that was the moment! i just waited for her phone call to end and jumped off my moment, i was with her and we were gleefully engaged in our conversation on food, food and Hyderabadi food. I shared lotsa recipes and perhaps, ten versions of Hyderabadi Biryani if i may recall. This was the beginning to a great bonding. Even though its been eight years that i met Maya, we still maintain a healthy long distance friendship. She is happily married and settled in Canada and frequently dishes out some great Hyderabadi delicacies.

I am now happily thinking of the call i got from my hyper sarcastic editor. He just couldn't stop flattering me with all flowery words that could please one's ear. For once, i thought it must be his usual caustic remarks wrapped up in nice ornamental language, he always made my heart grow big with pride first and then made it sink deep down like the humongous titanic. But to my surprise, i was so wrong this time. He was really in awe with the splendid response my article had got. This article had published day before yesterday and it was about the immense variety that Hyderabadi platter had to offer and a poll on the various cuisines of the globe. Though it was a demanding assignment, involved a lot of R&D and inputs from renowned gourmands and connoiseurs yet it seemed so painstaking and effortless perhaps, due to food being my passion. Surprisingly, our local Hyderabadi cuisine won the poll by majority of votes and gave me yet another reason to open my senses to the magical aroma which is an invitation to the succulent, creamy cuisine.

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