It's the beginning of July and like any die hard football fan I can not wait until the new NFL season begins. A clean slate. A fresh year. Along with plenty of news and rumors and storylines to get excited about and pay attention to. Me personally I only care about one team and that is the New England Patriots. Well two if you count every week when I hope the Jets lose. Moving on. Anyways I see a quite glorious foreshadowing into the Patriots future and there are various reasons as to why I having a feeling of such.

The 2012 NFL draft for the Patriots was probably one of the best for them in recent memory. Using both 1st round picks they had accumulated on two great young prospects willing to prove themselves worthy. If you are a Patriots fan then perhaps you had an eerily similar feeling to me each year as you saw Bill Belichick throw away a first round pick that could have been used to establish quite a dominating defense. Only to drop to the second round with more picks and pick players that within two to three years are no longer with us. Picking up names this year such Chandler Jones DE Donta Hightower LB Alfonzo Dennard DB (who was a 1st -2nd rd talent prior to his early February arrest) Jake Bequette DE and of course the usual Belichick head scratcher Tavon Wilson DB in the second round. Now will ALL of this young talent work out as planned? That is to be determined and to pre mature of a time to start debating that. However looking deeper into this draft we can now see and visualize what is going through the "genius' "mind.... and that is the development of we need to win NOW. With Brady's heavily acooladed career coming to the home stretch its now or never for Belichick and Brady to cement themselves as the greatest ever. Moving past the draft to acquisitions. I was personally thrilled when I heard of the news of Brandon Lloyd coming to New England. Teamed up with Josh McDaniel's once again where he has had his best seasons and the combination of having a REAL QB in Brady this could be his best season of his career.

I'm not predicting 50 touchdowns for Brady 07 was quite the magical season and although Rodgers came close I don't think anyone will ever beat the performance for a while. Along with Jabar Gaffney coming back for a second stint in New England who can give the Patriots another WR over 6 foot is great for the passing game. Although the Law Firm has departed to Cincinnati I love the combo of Vereen and Ridley. Two young RBs who will be going head to head for the starting job and veteran Addai to accompany them for guidance and to reek havoc out of the backfield in the passing game. Not that I was worried about the offense because I never am with Brady under center but with these additions plus im sure another great season from Hernandez and Gronkowski I think this offense will dominate once again. Now I have already touched on the draft but going forward to defense I think as we have all heard McCourty will break out of his sophmore slump with a full training camp and preseason of preparation. Not to forget second round draft pick Ras I Dowling coming back after having his season cut short to injury. Chung has continued to improve in his time in New England and I think will continue to shine this year as well. Kyle Arrington had a great year recording 7 INTs last season and I look for him to bring more to the table this year. I'm not quite sure how I feel about Steven Gregory coming over from San Diego however I know Belichick tends to bring out the best out of players. Sterling Moore could have a breakout season this year after his game saving deflection in the AFC championship he has won over the greater half of fans hearts. Moving onto the middle of the field Brandon Spikes who got increasingly better at the end of the season into the playoffs I think will have his best season yet. If Mayo can stay healthy those two with Hightower could be great and deadly for RBs.

Finally I predict the Patriots go 14-2 losing only to the 49ers and a split with the Bills. With a much better defense on paper and Brady at his best given the easy schedule we have been given I think this is very attainable. A first round bye would be in place and i think we will meet the 49ers in the Super Bowl. Of course things can and probably will change this is all speculation right now. I personally am ready for a Prosperous 2012 campaign and I hope you are all as well. If you made it this far I think I have made something halfway decent of reading and means I kept you interested. I thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts thank you and GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!

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