Today is friendship day.
Wishing you all a happy friendship day.

I get overwhelmed when I recollect the friends I had acquired during the journey in life till now and how some friends we have lost contact, though we never thought we will part ever.

My first friend was my father. He was such a easy going person, but at the same time performing his duties at home and office well. He had his own list of things, which he felt were needed to inculcate and follow discipline. At the same time he had his own way of relaxing via religious and community activities where a high level of interaction was there with other people and indeed relaxing.

Then there was a school friend whom I got introduced by borrowing a book which I forgot to bring that day. That small interaction blossomed into a really good friendship during the adolescent age when we were able to share our feelings of growing up. Nowadays we seldom meet due to our routines and place of living, but when we do meet once in a while it is as if we were never away and share the same comfort level to exchange about our families and friends.

Then about the girlfriends. It was a big list from school days to college and then in office.
It was a pleasant as well as times of discomfort. But overall it was a totally helpful learning process.

Presently with exposure of the world I feel that best friends can be those whom we live with. It could be in Office or at home or neighbours. Of course relatives staying far away can be of help, but in today's hectic activity of days , people nearby are able to carry out the role of friends in need , due to practical limitations.

Of course we do keep in touch with friends in general with twitter, facebook and sms and of course voice calls , but it gain depends upon the individual's way of life , which determines the time he keeps free for these activities.

One of my friends is always obsessed with reading. He says that the books can be the best friend. We may not able to call upon a friend at 12 midnight to share your sleeplessness , but can divert your mind by reading a book and that may help you get your mind freed and get sleep.

Another good companion of all times is meditation. I practice transcendental meditation. It is surely is a good mind reliever. We may ask how it compares with a friend. We need a friend to share our feelings and thoughts and to get over our problems , which we achieve by sharing our problems. In case of meditation , it does something very similar, where it helps in keeping the mind calm without being perturbed by the issues at hand and aids in getting a solution .

Faith is a very important component of friendship. We should know the person well , if he/she is truly your friend. Unless we understand the other person well and accepts his/her limitations , it will be difficult to maintain a good friendship.

We have had of pen friends. People share their view and thoughts and without even meeting once, they share the friendship. Earlier days , it was through letters. It was taking time to reach people staying far away , as letters take days to get delivered. However , nowadays with internet, the world has become small and we can be virtually together with a friend living physically at a far away location.

Finally there is a friend whom if we can recognise and keep with us all the time , then there is nothing like a best friend than him. He is god. Let god bless us all.

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