Having travelled a lot in Kenya, I consider myself somewhat an authority when it comes to matters of tourism within this country. There are a lot you can do in this relatively small east African country. Did you know that the term 'safari' originated in Kenya? It means "journey" in Swahili, the most commonly spoken language in Kenya. Most Kenyans are trilingual at least since they know Swahili and English which are taught in school and are the official languages plus their different mother tongues from the 42 tribal communities scattered in the country. Personally, I'm conversant with at least 5 languages including Swahili and English, which can be quite an experience especially when talking to strangers. You may have to learn some little of Swahili if you are visiting Kenya from another country so as to converse with the locals.

As for the places you may want to visit in Kenya, there is the Great Rift Valley, which is considered the home of human kind. It is in the Great Rift Valley that archeologists have found fossils of primitive forms of human beings who are thought to have existed on the planet. You may want to visit Lake Turkana, one of the places where giant fossils were found by archeologists. As for the highest peaks in the country, you may want to visit Mount Kenya, and the panoramic mount Longonot. The Mount Kenya safari club will give you an excellent view of the highest peak in the country; Mount Kenya.

Some of the rift valley lakes you may want to visit include Lake Magadi and Bogoria as well as Baringo and Nakuru. Take time and enjoy the sights and sounds of lake Nakuru, with one of the largest population of flamingoes. Nakuru town is currently bustling with a lot of commercial activities, with plenty of hotels to choose from. Once hailed as the cleanest town in east and central Africa, Nakuru is a town that is on a rapid expansion mission and caters for tourists from all walks of life, including the local ones. You may want to make a stop over in Nakuru at lord Egerton castle; owned by an English aristocrat who died in the 1950's. He is the father of the nearby Egerton University, having donated the land on which the university stands. Egerton is best known for his legendary hate for women; having been rejected by a woman he built the mansion for and for which reason he died celibate. He is a monument that is currently an attraction to visitors from the country as well as international tourists.

As the source of the Nile; Lake Victoria attracts a good number of tourists from all over the world. This is a lake shared by Kenya Uganda and Tanzania and was named after Queen Victoria. Uganda has the largest portion of Lake Victoria, Perhaps because it is a landlocked country. This is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Kenya and a source of livelihood for the locals.

You cannot visit Kenya and miss a visit to the Mara, which has one of the greatest wonders of the world; The wildebeest migration. They migrate when they are looking for fresh pasture in the Serengeti in Tanzania and this is a sight to behold. The sights and sound of thundering hooves of wildebeest, zebra and gazelles as they cross the crocodile-infested Mara River will last you a lifetime. Watch as they cross the Mara River as big cats wait patiently in the long grass for them in the other side of the river. The Maasai Mara game reserve is also known for having a good population of wild animals such as the elephant, rhino, lions, leopards, cheetahs, buffalos, zebras and antelopes among others. You can take a safari in the Mara and see all these for yourself. You can interact with the Maasai warriors over a bonfire in the night and enjoy some buffets and indigenous meals in the Mara. The Maasai; whose culture has managed to thrive in the face of civilization and other forces in the rest of the world live side by side with these animals in the world. Did you know that big cats have sort of "mutual respect" for the Maasai and their herds?

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