One attorney despite how other men his age have started to go for retirement chose to keep on going and ended up opening his second law firm. This 87 year old with characteristic nerve and verve is one of the nation's best known personal injury lawyers and he marched into his longtime office several months ago accompanied by a number of guards. Emptying out his desk not to mention pull his name from the door while his men stood sentry was decided after a feud with his partners.

A lady lawyer who once was an assistant Queens district attorney is now his new partner and protege and because he does not come to court as often as before it is she who handles the firm's day to day trials. Among his many traits this lawyer assumed millions in settlements from cases that seemed to be impossible to win at first because of his passion for perfection, enormous ambition, endless energy, and gift for showbiz glitz.

From The Equalizer who got $740,000 for the family of a heart attack victim came the winning argument that it was the car that drove onto the lawn of the victim that was responsible for frightening him to death. When a guest was attacked by a shark, he successfully put the blame on an Acapulco hotel. According to him, as the hotel dumped wastes into the ocean they did not bother to warn the guests that this may attract sharks.

This lawyer boasts that he's one of the reasons New York City employs 120 full time personal injury lawyers, overworked lawyers at that, and expects to shell out some $175 million this year in awards and settlements. It is the contingency fee that is paid to lawyers like him involved in tort or personal injury law equal to one third of the final award. He sneers at those who say aggressive personal injury lawyers have caused insurance rates to skyrocket and are costing taxpayers millions in suits against city governments.

Emotion is a strong suit for this lawyer as he engages in a sad story about how some poor devil will be facing a life behind bars for something that was not under his control doubly facing confinement for he has been paralyzed by the ordeal. With the finesse of a symphony conductor is how he deals with a jury. The key to winning is to entertain the jury.

All of his victories were partly due to research. He always sees to it that he will not be proven wrong when he is in the middle of a trial. Considering his line of work this lawyer has found himself on the covers of Time Magazine and The Wall Street Journal after being able to surpass what could have been the most hair raising situations in his career.

Every time he talks about his line of work or himself, he does not humbly do so. What he says is that trying cases necessitates vanity in lawyers. What is vanity but the blood brother of respect and confidence. Considering the details of his personal and professional life, everything is overseen by the 33 year old woman he and his wife adopted. For his old partners, this owner of a Mexican restaurant and ever present assistant was the reason for splitting them up. Without her, he may not have been aware.

By the time his Ukrainian family immigrated to New York he was already 6, 1929 was when he graduated from Brooklyn Law School but by then all of the good legal work went to the politically connected Irish firms. Trials for aspiring Jewish attorneys like him include minor criminal cases or personal injury lawsuits.

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