My brother recommended a movie Shutter Island a while back. I was at first not interested in watching the movie at all, as it looked boring and was too much of a guy movie. It looked like a military movie, and those kind of movies have similar plots to me. I was bored in my apartment last week and download a few movies and Shutter Island happened to be one of them. I had read the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, which is what I usually do before getting a movie, and they all seemed okay.

I was shocked actually since it was a Martin Scorcese movie, I was expecting great reviews. So I download the movie and start watching it. I was confused at first as everything seemed dark and loud. I was not understanding. Anyway, I went on with the movie till the end. Coming to the story without saying too much, Shutter Island is about a man who is sent on a mission with his "friend cop" to find a girl who has escaped a hospital on the island. I was confused. Why was there a hospital on a random island? At first it looked like there were zombies there as the cops were driving in the island. The people were walking with their heads bent down. Then I was like, oh great, a horror movie. Anyway, I'll stop diverging and get on with the plot. They are on this mission to find a crazy woman who has escaped the mental hospital (that's it) on the island. The "cop" keeps remembering his past on how he was in the holocaust helping the Jews and killing the Nazis. He gets dreams about his missions in Europe and of his "beloved" wife. Anyway, he "discovers" a lot about the hospital and the so called doctors there, more than what he is supposed to know. Being smart is not always good. I won't give too much away, but just remember that there is more to it than the obvious and keep everything mentioned in the movie in mind as you will have to become an investigator yourself is.

The plot is not anything different. I was able to figure out the ending in the beginning of the movie. However, the movie was shot nicely. The dreams that kept appearing in the cop's mind were shot well. There are some sequences that are thrilling and keep you guessing. The best part about the movie is the way it was shot in an old fashioned manner, like film noir movies. The plot itself is film noir, like a detective trying to figure things out. The music is good and really makes the movie seem creepy and eerie. However, the acting department is not that great. Leonardo DiCaprio did not do a good job as the cop. He sounded too rehearsed and fake as if he was reading off a book. All the actors in the movie are dull and none of them really leave and impact on you except maybe one of the patients in the ward who randomly scribbles a note to Caprio while the other cop is looking away and while only he is investigating her. All in all I would give the movie a 6 out of 10. Many say it is not the best work by Scorcese. However I can't say the same because although Mr. Scorcese is good, I have never truly enjoyed his movies.

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