Football not only has affluent Intention, but also connect with the features of it, so many people crazy for it. Football is a kind of periodic sport. Football has the features of long time, strong exercise and fierce countermeasure. Football requests players have special requirements of high speed, the overall strength, endurance and good legs special explosive and so overall quality. The running ability of players' influences his skills develop. Ordinary university football team has the following main problems: little training and fund, short training time, low training level, the poor physical quality, etc. Modern sports development relies on the scientific food research. Their body and performance may be improved a lot if they have meals with scientific methods.

Integrity: Football team is made of more than eleven players. The opinions and behaviors must keep highly einheitlich of all the players. No matter when defend or attack, all players should remember that cooperation is the most important. The football team will win only when all the players keep the concurrent consciousness, whenever guard against opponent or attack initiatively.

The overall:
The football pitch and the number of players are a large quantity. It is fatal to arrange the players and court. Both sides pass effectively, cooperate smoothly and go through layers of line of defense. In a wide range of space transferring redeploy opposite side in order to find others holes or tearing defense line. At the same time, the time of league football match is very long and onerous, so it is very important to consider the suitable distribution of energy and proper alternating players among the whole competition.

Precise: Football requests both roughly and carefully. Actually the taller are a very wise. Individuals demand exquisite technology and size the chance properly. Some breakthroughs or scores are only due to one second or step. And both players not only fight in football, but also in the psychological. Harass through small actives, give stress with big behaviors and infuriate with aggressive words.

It is dog-eat-dog and confrontational in football match. Both side fight for initiative score the opponents' goal, but don't let the ball into the goal but not allow opposite get a goal. Because of striving for balls and bumping, colliding down may up to 200 times, so it is very drastic.

Variability: Football is sport item with well-rounded technique and changeable tactics and unpredictable ending. The adversary will restrict, obstruct and resist your technique and tactics. So skills and tactics should be used neatly according to the concrete situation.

There are few rules and don not need high level equipment. It is an easy fitness item to all people, because it won't be limited by the time, players number, court and equipment.

Modern football "high speed, strong against" features required athletes must possess great movement under the load. Research shows that a fierce football match, athletes move great distance from 9000 meters to 14000 meters, sprinting distance above 2500 meters. The heart rate at about 100 times per minute can last 32 minutes.

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