Having one of the most well known husbands along with security on stand by the Obama family had numerous alternatives to pick from for her summer holiday. With private estates available to them along with resorts throughout the world, it was ultimately a vacation in Spain which was favoured for a personal trip designed for the First Lady as well as her youngest daughter. Leaving the President back in the US, Michelle Obama plus family and friends have a short time ago finished a swift tour of various of the finest attractions that Spain has to offer. So why is Spain such a popular getaway for summer holidays?

Luxurious Accommodation

Mrs Obama booked in at one of the numerous magnificent hotels in a coastal resort known internationally for its luxury and riches. Even though Marbella wasn't experiencing the sort of tourist numbers that it normally expects throughout the height of the summer the arrival of the First Lady together with security, other staff and the world's press clearly placed a strain on the desirable hotels available in this region of Spain.


The coastline of southern Spain together with Mallorca provide a variety of long sandy beaches, exclusive bays and impressive cliffs that plummet into the Mediterranean. Forty five meters of the sandy shores in Marbella were blocked off for one of the days to permit the touring family to take pleasure in a while together next to the dazzling Mediterranean.

Architecture and Culture

Michelle Obama explored a selection of magnificent monuments and structures all through her controversial expedition across Spain. Perched on the undulating slopes on the flanks of the Sierra Nevada near Granada, the magnificent Alhambra Palace combines beautiful Islamic carving with western influences. On top of that a day`s trip to the very impressive locality of Rhonda with its illustrious bull ring as well as the bridge above the ravine is in addition stunning. Spain has been homeland to a range of cultures over its history, most legendary the Moors which inhabited a lot of Spain for centuries. While predominantly white the vicinity of Andalucia still keeps separate identity and a passionate cultural relationship which is mirrored in its music, food and entertainment.

Local climate

The balmy night time temperatures and sunny days present all over the southern Mediterranean in the summer time are all but certain, permitting travellers on vacation in Spain to go to see attractions, or just go to the beach and unwind outdoors no matter what the time.


The population of Spain are kindhearted and sociable and this is shown in the fact that Spain remains a quite safe nation where children typically play by themselves in the plazas long after nightfall and there is not a lot in the way of intimidation or arguments - as is more often found these days in other countries in the main areas of tourism.

The most important cities that Michelle Obama visited were Marbella, Granada and Rhonda, all in Andalucia and the Island of Majorca, these are a good place to begin for beginning your search for anyone wishing to visit the country. All these will be a bit much to fit in all in the same holiday if you are simply seeking for a restful getaway in which case a few days in the North of Majorca or south of Granada on the Costa Tropical will most likely afford a enjoyable mixture of activities and sights as well as rest.

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