First, you can try to take pictures of important landmarks that are present in your city. When you take a picture, try to be creative and make the picture from an angle that others have not tried. The creativity that is present in you should be out when you take the picture. There is a lot of competition for the postcard picture creation and unless you create a new dimension to your pictures, you may not be really successful. Once the picture has been taken, you have two options to make money. The first is that you can try to sell the pictures directly to the postcard printer. This is a simple job and the money is made as a onetime income. The other thing is that you can make the postcard yourself by printing them and then you will own the sole rights of the picture postcard and you can keep distributing the printed postcard to make unlimited amount of money.

Another simple method that anyone can do to make money with pictures is present. This is taking pictures of used cars that are listed for sales. As the internet is the medium of communication that is rapidly growing, pictures of used cars are posted on the internet. You can become a regular photographer for your nearest used car dealer and whenever there is a car for sale, you will be called to take pictures of the car that is to be posted on the advertisement for the sale of the car.

This too has tough competition and many people may not really think of the need for a photographer to take pictures of their used card. If you are to be successful in this, you have to take a good picture that enhances the sale of the car and when you do this consistently, then people will flock to you. This may be real hard work in the initial period, but can really start making money for you on the long run. The reason is that almost all people sell their cars after a few years and that is where the opportunity lies. So, to start the process, you can take a few free pictures with your digital camera for a used car dealer and if your pictures score over the other ones that are taken, then that is where you can start from. The opportunity is there if only you will take it.

Another method of making money with the pictures that you take is by participating in competitions. There may be a local hobby photography club in your neighborhood that may be conducting competitions. You can start off by participating in these competitions. Once you have been successful or learn the tricks of the trade, you can move on to other competitions. These days, there are hundreds of competitions online. There are some where you may need to pay an entry fee. You should be careful of scams in these as it may not always be a genuine competition. There are many other competitions that are free too, but even they may be out to rob you off your photograph that you submit. So, once you ascertain the genuineness of these competitions, then you can take part in them and if you are good enough, it may be the springboard for your success.

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