Rugs are of different kinds and they add to the décor of the house. There are many people who actually buy the rugs from cheap stores, but there are others who buy the rugs from some of the most expensive dealers. The cost of the rug and the place where it was purchased from, play a great role in the life of the rug.

There are various other factors that also play a role in the life of the rug too. The material from which the rug was actually made also plays a major role in the life of the rug. As the rug is a costly investment for the family, the maintenance and cleaning of the rug are very important to increase the life of the rug and also to keep it very beautiful. Some of the best methods that have to be followed to keep the rug clean and beautiful for a long time and also to increase the life of the rug are as follows:

1. Vacuum:

Regular vacuum cleaning of the rug is an important method of keeping it clean and also increasing the life of the rug. There are some methods that have to be incorporated when you clean the rug with vacuum and the most important one is to prevent the stretching and damage to the edges of the rug. The edge of the rug is the one that is more commonly damaged because they thin out quicker because of wear and tear. If the vacuum also is used more on the edges, then there is a rapid thinning that occurs on the edges and this can lead to damage to the rug. You should also avoid vacuum cleaning it more than 2 or three times a day.

2. Professional cleaning:

If you have many rugs in your house and you do not mind spending more on the cleaning of the rugs, then you should make sure that you have a professional cleaning service to clean the rugs for you. They will do a better job of cleaning and the color also is retained. Other than this, the professional cleaners also use certain methods of cleaning that you can never be able to manage at home.

3. Cleaning of stains:

One of the common problems that are encountered when you have a rug is the presence of stains on the rug. If the rug is placed in a area where there are a lot of people moving around, then you have to be extra careful that you prevent stains, but in case there is some kind of staining, then you should clean the attained area with lukewarm water and try to remove the stain. If the stain is solid in nature, then you should try to price it out with a blunt knife. If it is a liquid, then just washing it in plain water should do the trick.

These methods of maintenance will help to make sure that the rug that you use has a long life and you can enjoy the beauty and décor for years to come.

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