Water scarcity is a major problem in many parts of the world. There are many people who have to go without adequate drinking water. Other people have to travel a long distance to get a few pots of drinking water. All these things make one to understand the problem of water scarcity. Though the earth is covered with more than three fourths by water, the drinking or potable water that is available is very less. This should be taken into consideration by the people who use water excessively.

There are various methods that can be used to overcome the water scarcity and also create more water resources. They are as follows:

1. Rain water harvesting:

Rain water harvesting is one of the best methods of overcoming the acute water scarcity of a place. It is very obvious that it has to be planned ahead and if you are going to try to prevent water scarcity, then you should try to make rain water harvesting appliances ready. There are various methods of harvesting the rain water. One of the methods is to make the rain water to be stored in temporary tanks. If you want to store the water for a longer time, a pond or other tanks can be built that can be used to store the water. Digging pits filled with sand and gravel can be used by making the water from the house roof to go into this and it will help to increase the ground water level.

2. Drip irrigation:

Drip irrigation can be used to a large extent to conserve water. Almost every country has a large area of land that is cultivated and the water that is used for the cultivation forms a major bulk of the water supply to an area. If the drip irrigation method is used, then you will be able to save a huge amount of water that can be used for other purposes like drinking and human usage.

3. Use water minimally:

Another method to overcome water scarcity is to use water minimally. There are many people who use a lot of water for their daily use. This can cause a lot of water to be wasted. To prevent this, you should try to conserve water and use it to a minimum. The water used for washing, cleaning and also other things can be minimized by various methods and should be done by each and every person to save water.

4. Desalination of sea water:

Desalination of water is another important aspect of overcoming water scarcity. There are many people who are in need of good drinking water. To make sure that water is available for all these people, it is very necessary to convert the saline water into desalinated water. This can be done by various techniques. This conversion of the water will prevent wastage of water too.

These are the various methods that can be used to conserve water and also to make sure that the water scarcity is overcome.

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