Mashup is also called as a blend. It is made by blending or mixing two or more songs. The mashup is also called by many other names like blend or mash up. Blends, Bastard pop, Powermixing and boots or bootlegs are some of the other names that this genre of music. The usual method in which it is created is by changing the instrumental and vocal tracks from one song to another.

Though this may be thought to be infringing on the copyright of the song since the vocal or instrumental tracks of the existing song is used, it is not true because it is claimed that it comes in the fair use in the laws of copyright. There are also instances where there have been problems with copyright infringements, especially when a mashup has been done to make a profit from a hit music.

Mashup is a great hobby too. There are many professionals who use this method of recreating music to make money, but just as professionals go about creating new tracks, there are also many individuals who use this method as a hobby. Playing musical instruments gives you a lot of relaxation, but when you are able to change an existing music track and create your own masterpiece, you will not only have a great sense of relaxation but you will also have a great sense of achievement.

Mashups are very popular as they create an element of excitement in all the people who hear these new tracks. They first became very popular in the serial called Glee, which is an American serial. From that time, there has been no turning back for the popularity of mashups. These days, they are very common in various programs. The popularity of these has also made it possible for many people to start the creation of new tracks as a business and a source of income. Though this has helped many to earn their living, it is also considered to be one of the best hobbies.

History of Mashup

Mashups were created first in the mid 1990's, but they became popular later than that, probably in the beginning of the new millennium. Though these were popular much later, the history of mixing the voice track and the instrumental tracks started as people experimented with them decades ago, probably even from the time when recorded music started becoming popular.

Though many of the different kinds of music have eveolved over the years, the genre of music as far as a mashup is concerned has not evolved to a great deal. The reason for this is that the mashup itself has evolved from music and so it has caught the imagination of people and has become very popular. In fact mashup and its creation is so popular that many people are even taking it up as a hobby.

There have been many popular and notable mash ups. One of the very popular ones is A stroke of Genius. This was released in the year 2001. Smells like a booty was also released in 2001. Mylo released Doctor pressure in the year 2005, though it was first made by Phil 'n' Dog. In the album Collision course, Numb/Encore was so famous that it won even a Grammy. This highlights the popularity of various mash ups. People with little knowledge about mash ups can learn about the art of creating a new music in the place of an original one. If you have the creativity and the will to do it, you will be able to make a huge difference and create some heart throbbing music mash ups.

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