Most couples are afraid to take the final step into making the vows of marriage as they believe that marriage will kill their romance. There are so many married couples out there that are not having as fiery a romance as they were when they were dating. They are no longer holding hands, talking walks together and taking time to develop intimacy. The truth of the matter when it comes to marriage and romance is that marriage has nothing to do with the death of your romance. You are the ones who have everything to do with the death of the romance in marriage. While marriage does change the dynamics in a typical relationship it should not change your romance. Some of the tips you need to rekindle the romance are here.

First; take time to actually be with each other. One of the biggest romance killers is the fact that couples no longer spend quality time with each other. Once married people settle down into their lives and adopt an "I got him/her" attitude. They do not take time to develop deeper intimacy in their marriage and with time they become stronger. In this situation, all you need to do is to spend more time with each other. Do you remember the times when you were dating? How you were always longing to hold each other's hands the time you invested in the relationship? You need to rekindle the same feelings you had in your dating lives in your marriage. Always spend time with each other, arrange dates or have spontaneous ones, where you will not be disturbed by phone calls and the kids. Do not be afraid of expressing love to each other. Women want to be loved and assured your love everyday and saying to her that you love her is one sure way of improving romance. While men look to be loved, they also look for respect in marriage and this assurance should be given to him every single day of his life. Sending him spontaneous sms's every once in a while will make him feel good and improving romance.

Second; always remember communication is the key to a happy marriage and every married man or woman should be able to communicate his feelings to his soul mate. Do not expect him or her to read in between the lines, as he or she is not a mind reader. Silence is a sure marriage killer as no one will tell you what he wants and you will be left with a lot of guess work. It is always good to tell your spouse what you want in your marriage, in your finances and in your sex life. Your sex life is a huge issue and you need to communicate your likes and dislikes to your partner in the most rational way. It takes trial and error to build a marriage, so do not be disappointed when you learn that you were on the wrong regarding your partners likes and dislikes. By communication you will learn to compromise with each other and learn to live and love each other as expected in a marriage.

Third; always give space to your spouse. It is the most common thing noticed in marriages that couples failed to accommodate their partners other commitments and this leads to misunderstandings. These misunderstandings are surely a marriage killer. When two people bind in a marriage start expecting the same intimacy as it used to be when they were dating and take even a slightest action (e.g. when your partner says 'darling, I am busy') as a signal that your partner no more wants you, this creates a huge problem. Thus you should always try to accommodate and understand and embrace this fact that now you are already together and things after marriage change a bit. Giving space to your spouse will improve your romance since you are respecting your partner and allowing and helping them meet their other commitments.

Keeping in mind these tips and applying these in your daily married lives moreover, adding a bit of spice in your love and sex life once in a while will surely improve your romance and ignite it for good!

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