So far as human knowledge goes; life exists only on this planet. It is our moral duty to see that we do nothing which hinders its growth. We should take various steps to make it rich and meaningful. Man has to avoid haphazard growth, abandon lassez faire philosophy and plan and direct everything in all spheres of life. Man has been doing this for centuries. He has controlled vast forces of Nature and subdued them for his material gain. He has annihilated distances, has affected a revolution in the methods of agriculture and industrial production, used his knowledge of science and technology to eradicate poverty, disease and ignorance from large part of the globe. But he has not yet succeeded in creating an environment which is favorable to life's full growth. He has not maintained a happy balance between himself and nature. The use of science and technology has created many problems as it has solved.

The most serious problem before mankind is to make this planet a decent place to inhabit, to create an environmental-physical, social,political- in which every man, regardless of his race, religion or nation, may enjoy to the fullest extent the conditions of civilized existence, in which his sense of beauty is fully satisfied, in which man and nature may live in perfect harmony. Man has built up, with the help of his insight , an elaborate civilization. But this foresight is not visible in many cases. The most typical example is that of war. War as an instrument of national policy that has theoretically been discarded, but the specter of a full fledged war with the deadliest weapons of mass destruction has not yet been banished from the minds of the men. With the invention of nuclear and thermo nuclear weapons a situation has been created in which, if war breaks in global scale, this planet will become unfit for human arisen. While peaceful cooperation in outer space would help mankind greatly, the future of the human race would be put in a great jeopardy if nations begin to concentrate on using outer space for military purposes.

There has to be a right balance between population and natural resources. If the present rate of population growth is not checked, mankind will be confronted with a population explosion of the most disastrous kind. The dangers of unmanageable population is most acute in underdeveloped nations in which fatalism, poverty and ignorance combine to frustrate attempts at rational regulation and control. If the present population persists, not all the schemes of the Planning Commission, would be able to tackle problems of poverty, unemployment,disease and ignorance. In the biological, as in other spheres, man and Nature must learn to work hand in hand.

There should be cooperation among all nations for common well being. International economic stability and progress depend upon this factor.The material resources of the world are unevenly distributed. Population pressure varies from country to country. Some countries have a heavy population pressure, a very limited land area and poor natural resources, while others enjoy unlimited natural resources with relatively small numbers. After the Second World War, it has been realized that international economic life has to be properly regulated if economic anarchy is to be eliminated and that affluent members of the international community must help the poor nations develop their limited resources and achieve economic maturity.

Although industrialization has greatly benefited mankind, it has led to urbanization. Urbanization is not undesirable in itself but the haphazard growth of modern cities and towns has created a very unhealthy environment. It has given rise to overcrowding, slums, inadequate civic amenities.It is responsible foe prostitution, juvenile delinquency, addiction to alcohol and drugs of the most injurious kind, crime etc. Urbanization must be planned so that cities take all the advantages from the village life.

If people cannot breathe fresh air and live in open spaces, if they live a midst noise and pollution, if they lead hectic lives full of stresses and strains, they cannot be healthy and strong and cannot lead peaceful lives.

Conservation of natural resources is important as their exploitation. It is a crime against humanity that these resources should be used up to enrich a greedy exploiter. The conservation of forests is indispensable for human life. If the profit motive is allowed to destroy forests, the environment would grievously suffer.

The increasing use of science and technology in industry and agriculture has done irreparable damage to human environment, both rural and urban environment where there are big crowds of people and where most of the industries are located. The air in cities and towns is being polluted by all kinds of poisonous gases from industrial plants and automobile exhausts. Science and technology must be used to serve humanity, not to poison the environment and disturb the delicate balance which makes healthy life possible. Man must learn to accommodate himself to his local environment-physical, biological,technological and spiritual. The spiritual environment is far more important than anything else because the ultimate determining factor in man's actions and behavior is his value system.If the unity of the human race is affected, all problems of environment can be easily solved.

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