Maldives is one of the amazing places that every person would like to visit. This is an island nation that is located in the Indian Ocean. As many other island nations, this country too depends a lot on the tourism industry for the survival. There are various aspects of Maldives that are attractive for each and every tourist.

The Coral Reefs:

Every place on Earth that has coral reefs are very pleasing to look at and enjoy. The pristine beaches that are cleaner than most other places in the world make it a beauty that needs to be enjoyed. The amazing number of coral reefs in this nation make it a must visit place for every scuba diver. This place could be thought to be a heaven for every scuba diver because of the exotic reefs and the variety of marine life that thrives in these parts. There are different kinds of fish that are colorful and these are a joy to watch as they dart through the various reefs. If you are a snorkeling enthusiast or a scuba diver, then you will fall in love with Maldives.

Maldives Water sports:

The sea is quite calm here as compared to many other places and this makes it a safe place for every water loving person to enjoy the amazing variety of water sports that are available here. Though many people come here to dive deep into the sea to watch the marine life from very close distance, it is not the only sport that is available here.

As part of your tour package, you will be able to surf on the water other then the water skiing and jet skiing that is available as sports. You can also go out into the sea on a boat ride or a ride on a catamaran, which is nothing but to logs of wood tied together that floats on the sea. The adventure that you have on this island is something that you will never be able to feel in any other part of the world. Parasailing and speed riding on boats are also available as the other water sports.


Though the water sports are the main attractions, many people prefer gentle fishing on the waters. You can go out on a cruise and be out at sea in the night and use the moon light to fish. You can also fish early in the mornings!

Other places to visit

The island is not only about water and adventure related to water. Some of the other important places that tourists can visit are the various markets, especially the fish market. The National museum is also another place of interest in the island. You can also take time off to visit the Mulee-aage palace and the Friday Mosque on the island.

There are various pristine beaches on the hundreds of islands that dot the nation and you can have a great time on these beaches, playing and frolicking in the clean waters. There are tour operators for the planned tourist and you can just take on the island by yourself too by making all the arrangements yourself when you plan to visit Maldives!

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