Relationships are a part of our daily life. From dawn to dusk we come across various people either on academic basis or business organizations or other day to day tasks. Other than these temporary relationships that may at times turn out to be long term relations there are more true, more meaningful and pretty long term relations that are mostly innate or acquired after wards through marriage. What so ever the relationship may be, one individual simply gets dependent on others either for passing time or for doing more serious chores. Related to relations are strong feelings that may emerge with the course of time. In order for the relations to last happy and long there needs to be amazing understanding, commitment and compatibility. Since man is a social animal stands in the middle of everything that is a part of society. Considering the importance of these social linkages there emerge various disciplines for studying them. These disciplines are included in a broad spectrum of social sciences, While more specific department include anthropology, sociology etc.

Examples show that people who are alone can be happy and are left alone in most of the dealings in daily life. This concept brings in the concept of public diplomacy, where relations are maintained between states. But maintaining a healthy relationship is not that easy.

One has put a lot of effort in making life and relations a success. The first and best of them is expressing oneself. An individual must tell people what they feel about them and let them know all the aspects of their personality like hobbies, likes, dislikes and if the relationship is far stronger then the other person must be introduced to the social circles an individual belongs to and above all the family.

Relationships usually need spending time together and one cannot spend their time with people for nothing, so there needs to be a strong reason like let's say working on a project, dealing with some debt or for that matter love.

The next important point is to avoid fighting. If one disagrees with other person's view it can be communicated properly and thus majority of problems can be avoided. If relations have to go smooth then taking care of people not just by words but by actions is also necessary. If due to some unlikely situations a problem has emerged between a couple or business groups, then for the sake of maintaining the relation all one needs to do is resolve it with a rational and understanding approach. Acceptance is very important, in resolving these issues one must learn to forgive quickly. In resolving the issues through negotiations one must be watchful in saying things because a kind or harsh word will be remembered forever by your partner. Relations require time and not just time but some quality time.

Feelings are the major drivers of relations so one must make sure that the feelings are taken care of. And you can only take care of a relation if you are a complete person yourself. Or else your partner may start noticing things and will not feel the way one wants them to be.

Another thing to take into account is the fact the while you want your relationship to be the same a lot of things will be changing in the world around so your relationship must be dynamic and flexible enough to take care of all the changes. So the changes in the personality of any of the individual must not affect a healthy relationship at all. Is short all the unhealthy habits must be avoided in order to attain a better life.

The partners must understand each other and understanding their own personality is also important. If you do not know your own personality or that of your partners, there will be confusions and once there is confusion the relationships built thereof will also be confused and these confused relations do not last long. So one must go ahead with a clear heart and an understanding mind while sitting and dealing with people or else difficulties would arise.

In short, the relationships are yours, they belong to you and thus it is only you that can make them, maintain them and keep them beautiful.

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