Macau is a unique place both in terms of the place where it is situated and also in terms of the places that are to see there. It is a place that has a blend of both Chinese as well as European culture. The reason for this is that the place was initially a Portuguese colony and the many buildings there are a testament to the beauty and the heritage of the place. The people too are quite different from the mainland.

Macau is very close to both Hong Kong and the mainland of China. The place was inhabited by traders from Europe even before they saw or went to Hong Kong. This made this place to be a trader's paradise centuries back. This has made the place to have a nice blend of various cultures.

Other than the rich heritage that was left behind by the Europeans, the Chinese presence on this land from 1999 has also influenced the culture and the presence of various buildings.
Macau also has various places of interest to see. A tourist who is stunned by the culture will also love the various sites like the museums and other historic locations. You would love the food provided in Macau and can have a whale of a time in the nightlife on this island.

Barrier Gate

The symbolic gate between the mainland and Macau is part of the heritage now. Before Macau became a part of China, it was an important place, but now it is mainly symbolic and has no intrinsic value.

Kun Iam Temple

Though this temple was built years back for the Mercy showing goddess who is revered in Macau, this temple is more famous for the treaty signed here between the Americans and the Chinese.

St. Paul monument

The monument is now ruined because of the three major fires that occurred in this building. This has destroyed most of the place, though some visitors to the place visit this monument.

Lou Lim Iok

This is a garden which was a private one, but as the place became very famous and many people started visiting this beautiful garden, it has now been opened to the tourists as a tourist attraction.


The Macau City Museum is a place where you can learn about the history as well as the culture of the place. There are other museums in Macau like the Maritime Museum, the Wine Museum and the Grand Prix Museum.


Though Macau may not be the ultimate shopping paradise, there are souvenirs for everyone. You can take back the various pieces of art from the European culture too.

Night life in Macau

Macau is a great place to have a wonderful nightlife. There are many discos and pubs where you can have a merry time.

Reaching Macau

Macau can be reached by air, sea and land. The mainland and Macau are connected through the barrier gate. Other than this, people can reach Macau from Hong Kong by sea too.

Time to visit:

You can visit Macau between October and December, though this is a place to visit all through the year.

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