My name is Artina Slaughter and I am the artist and clothier of MASHULU by Artina. In Swahili mashulu agency "stitches". I am an ecclectic being at affection and I am aggressive by abounding things. This is acutely represented in my band which ranges from wristlets, checkbook wallets, clutches, and accept bags. I as well accomplish adornment earrings and headbands. I eventually would like to alpha introducing belts and accouterments items as well. I mainly use printed affection fabrics and abyssal vinyl for a leather-look and to strengthen credibility that I anticipate would abrasion out quickly. I like the abyssal vinyl because I don't feel so bad if I accomplish a mistake, as it is not as big-ticket as leather. That as well is ambrosial to abounding vegan shoppers.

I don't apperceive if it's the a lot of authentic business but my ambition admirers is a mish mosh of folks! Sometimes I see bolt that makes me wish to actualize something for jailbait rockers or skaters or goths...sometimes I wish to accomplish something for the added bawdy or indigenous person. I accept approved to accumulate one capital admirers in mind, but that's just not how my apperception works. I am aswell in adulation with blush and arrangement so my designs are not for association who don't wish to get noticed! I like to anticipate that what makes my accoutrements appropriate is my anticipation process. If I'm authoritative a big bag, I wish to put abounding compartments so that the chump doesn't accept to dig about for things she would charge to grab quickly. I aswell abhorrence a billowing bag! I like to interline my accoutrements so that they accumulate their shape.

As a appearance architecture apprentice at Virginia Commonwealth University, I generally begin myself with chunks of bolt that were too baby to accomplish apparel but too ample for me to bandy away. For no accurate reason, I began authoritative baby purses out of the remnants. My roomate would action to "model" them for me and I anon accustomed a few orders like that. I didn't absolutely apprehend that I had a nice little business befalling at duke so I let it fizzle. I got started if a accumulation of accompany and I aggregate annually a few canicule afterwards Christmas to adhere out and barter duke fabricated gifts. I would consistently accomplish accoutrements and afterwards a while was acerb encouraged to alpha affairs them. I fabricated my aboriginal website and absolutely approved my duke at it in 2006.

My a lot of contempo daydream has got to be developing the handle for my HONEY appearance bag. I don't even wish to anticipate of the bulk of abstracts I accept ashen to get it just right, alone to end up with a simpler architecture that works perfectly!However, it's been said a actor times, but seeing anyone application one of my accoutrements is so account it. If humans are in awe of how able-bodied my accoutrements are fabricated it makes me abnormally proud. I had a chump acquaintance me for a custom order. One of my accompany had boasted about me on a conjugal website, that's how she was able to acquaintance me. Afterwards she received her order, she wrote a continued agitated analysis about my action and about how she adored her accomplished product. The actuality that anyone would yield the time to accord me such an accomplished analysis still makes me smile to this day!

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