Smart consumers don't typically spend money on movie tickets until they first consult some reviews--be they official, critical reviews or simply word-of-mouth reviews from friends who have seen the picture in question. And as with movies, so it should be with movie sites. A smart consumer wouldn't buy videos or DVDs from an online movie store unless they'd confirmed that the service and quality standards are high--which they most assuredly are in the case of Loving the Classics.

Indeed, look at any Loving the Classics review and you'll find that movie buffs love this site--but that's no great surprise. As that same Loving the Classics review will surely tell you, this site is truly unique. It offers a selection of films that are impossible to find anywhere else, having never been released on video or DVD in any official capacity. These titles span the 1910s through the 1970s, and include everything from vintage comedy and drama to prime entries in the film noir genre.

Here's one actual Loving the Classics review that shows just how beloved this site is; the customer says, "I am a self confessed film addict with a particular penchant for westerns and I have not come across a site with such a long list of interesting items, indeed this site is costing me a fortune - not because of the prices but because I fancy so many of the films on offer!"

And here's another rave Loving the Classics review: "As an old movies fan and history buff, I have been very grateful for [Loving the Classics]. Their listing of titles is remarkable and I have found many I wish to include in my collection. I have also shared this information with other movie buffs."

And here's one more Loving the Classics review--this one emphasizing not only their excellent collection, but also their peerless customer service: "Recently ordered a movie from LovingtheClassics. It turned out the DVD was out of stock. They not only refunded what I had paid in full but, much to my surprise, they offered me a free DVD of my choice. An excellent way to treat a customer."

Here's another glowing Loving the Classics review: "Loving the Classics offers me DVDs of movies that don't seem to be available anywhere else, [movies that I remember] fondly. I'm very pleased with Loving the Classics and hope that they can continue to supply copies of [difficult] to find old movies."

Indeed; Loving the Classics does treat its customers well, and those customers are all too eager to return the favor by giving the service these wonderful reviews. They are hardly the only ones. Loving the Classics is satisfying movie lovers all over the world--and you could be one of them!

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