When I was growing up in the 1960's our family ate typical meals for this time. Meat at every meal some sort of friendly green item usually a vegetable, although, once my father did serve us green chicken? We never thought to inquire as to why exactly it was green.

At this same time hippies, tofu, vegans, vegetarians and naturalists like good old Euell Gibbons were coming into the limelight. I am sorry to say Mr. Gibbons actually died by eating the wrong part of a tree that he was trying to tout as edible.

Food habits were instilled in us and weather or not they may not have been the most nutritious of guidelines, were all we had.

My mother believed that if something was good it could be made better by adding extra butter and salt. My sister wanted desperately to be the next Julia Childs and her show was never missed and conveniently ran directly after the "Galloping Gourmet". My sister's desserts became legendary, she even made a cage out of spun sugar that housed her cake.

As I grew up and got married and had a child of my own I did my best to carry out the same recipes. I added butter often and meat every night and I did okay when it came to desserts.

Everything seemed to be going well. That is until recently when my dear, nineteen year old son, informed us that he was in fact turning to vegetarianism.

He might have well told us he was becoming a cannibal as shocked and amazed as we were.

After all, how can any one really live without meat?

We asked him many questions and his reasons are very altruistic as he wants to do his part to save our planet. After hearing this I felt small and humbled and had new respect for him and vowed to do my part to aid in this quest. Just short of turning vegetarian myself.

We are now planning new adventures in mealtime and each of us contributes to the grocery list and cooking and I must say its working out quite well. We have already explored the wonderful world of soy protein, bean sprouts, and navigating around Indian and Italian foods.

Who knew that vegetables could in fact lead to ease the chores and burdens of being a mother in the 21st Century.

About Author / Additional Info:
Mary Turner: I am an artist and writer and have published my first book and am currently working on my second.